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Information about Fort San Andres

Fort San Andres

Located in the municipality of Romblon in the province of Romblon, Fort San Andres is one of the Twin Forts of Romblon, the other one being Fort Santiago, which is in ruins. The site of both forts has been declared a National Culture Treasure by the National Museum.

Both forts were constructed using coral stone in 1645 under the supervision of Father Agustin de San Pedro, a Portuguese friar who was also known as Padre Capitan. During that time, the twin forts were an important part of Romblon’s defense system against pirates and invaders. Because of its location atop San Antonio Hill, which overlooks the town, it was easy for those manning the fort to see incoming intruders both from the land and the sea.

Today, parts of the fort have been restored, making it easier for visitors to explore. It is a great spot to take photos of the town of Romblon, Romblon port, and the sea. 

Tickets and entry

There is no entrance fee to see the fort, but any amount of money is accepted as a donation to help maintain the structure.

Best time to visit

If you want to see the best views, visit during the sunset or early in the morning when it’s not too hot. It’s also best to visit during the dry months, which are usually from December to May, to avoid any rain dampening your visit. 


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