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Information about Maasim Coconut Palm Forest

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Maasim Coconut Palm Forest

Maasim Coconut Palm Forest is a vast sea of coconut trees, seemingly endless when viewed from the side of the road, and a challenger for the title of the most instagrammable spot in Siargao. The province of Siargao thrives in coconut trees, and some parts besides the highway are decorated with these trees.

The lush coconut forest has also been one of the favorite stopovers of tourists traveling from General Luna. There is no sign by the road that points to the greenery, but even without it, the plantation still stands out. The best spot to view the trees is from the sharp corner leading to the part that overlooks the vast forest.

Two of the best times to see the countless coconut palms are during sunrise and sunset. It is not actually the spot where the sun comes out and sets in the horizon, but the light rays of the sun come hitting the palms, creating some scenery that most tourists use as a backdrop for their Siargao photos.

Nearby Attractions

There are other popular tourist attractions in Siargao not far from Maasim Coconut Palm Forest. One of these is the Magpupungko Rock Pools. These rock pools are best visited and enjoyed when low tide as the pools submerge when the water is at its highest. 

The pools are among the best places to swim in Siargao where tourists can cliff jump into the water. There are big rocks here for diving that are generally rough and pointy, so it is advised to wear a pair of water shoes or just the regular slippers.
Another nearby attraction is the Tayangban Cave Pool where visitors are led inside the cave and are given about 15 minutes to swim and float inside a dark cave with water that is only illuminated by torches.