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Information about St. Dominic Parish Church

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St. Dominic Parish Church, Cagayan Valley Road, Lal-lo, Cagayan, Philippines
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St. Dominic Parish

St. Dominic Parish situated in San Carlos, Pangasinan, used to be the largest Catholic Church in the Philippines during the late 1800s. 

This Baroque-style Church is made of bricks or ladrillo, with its third and fourth levels consisting of huge scrolls, and its topmost level painted with a portrait of St. Dominic. Although finished in the 17th century, it was destroyed in multiple occasions due to natural disasters but was rebuilt each time to what it is today. 


The colorful history of St. Dominic Parish

The Parish was initially built at the western side of Agno River, where the town of Binalatongan was originally located. However, it was destroyed in a Fire in September 1587, and was reconstructed at the eastern part of the river this time, at the town of Baloydaan, only to be destroyed by another fire in August 4, 1718.

Around this time, the town Baloydaan was transferred to Binalatongan, and the combined towns was renamed as the town of San Carlos (1764). From 1770-1773, the construction of the new church took place.

Unfortunately, it was destroyed by three earthquakes in 1789, 1796, and 1799 respectively. This time, it took two years to reconstruct the parish (1802-1804), with the height of its walls lowered and its foundations strengthened with buttresses.

In 1822, it was destroyed by another fire. Its fourth and final construction was done on 1864, with a rehabilitation done from 1878-1890, under the supervision of Father Alvarez Carrozal. Its bell tower was also erected during this time. 

Today, St. Dominic Parish stands resiliently in front of San Carlos town plaza on Malong street, with the old town market beside it.