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Information about Talisay Beach El Nido

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Talisay Beach, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines
Distance From City Center
12.9 km
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Talisay Beach

Talisay Beach is one of the lesser-known islands in Palawan, but it doesn't make it less beautiful than its more famous counterparts. It's known as the preferred lunch stop of most boatmen when you avail of the Tour C (El Nido offers several regulated tour options). The beach is located at Tapiutan Island, just a few minutes away from Matinloc Shrine. 

Clear turquoise waters, powdery white sand, and amazing limestone rock formations are what greets you in Talisay Beach. Close to the shore, you will see a coral reef teeming with fish and other marine life. This makes the waters perfect for snorkeling. 

The boatmen, who will also prepare the delicious lunch (usually consisting of grilled chicken, seafood, fresh fruits, and salad), encourage the passengers to explore the beach and enjoy the sights of sea anemones and colorful corals. It's common to spot different types of clownfish, as well as parrotfish and angelfish, in the waters of Talisay Beach.

Come lunchtime, the small beach can become crowded with boats unloading passengers for meals and snorkeling, but not to the point of getting uncomfortable. There is enough space to accommodate everyone docking in for lunch. The crew can serve the meals right there on the beach, positioning their guests under the shade of the limestone cliffs to protect them against the glare of the hot noon sun.

How Much Will You Spend?

Tour C island hopping costs per person. Additional expenses may include eco-tourism development fee, snorkel gear rental, private boat rental depending on the number of passengers and size of the boat), and whole-day kayak rental.

The lunch is included in the tour fee but it's best to bring your own snacks and water during the trip. You can also bring your own snorkel gear if you want to save money.