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Information about Wildlife sanctuary and Zoo

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South Cotabato
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Wildlife Sanctuary and Zoo

Marinduque Wildlife Sanctuary includes almost 9,000 hectares of Central Marinduque timberland. This woodland area is home to a broad range of flora and wildlife, including imperiled Rufous Hornbill (Rufous hydrocorax), giant cloud pig (Phloeomys pallidus), and indigenous butterfly, reptile, insect and bird species. 

Marinduque is one of only eight provinces in the nation designated as a Wildlife Sanctuary. It is an environment comprising the municipalities of Boac, Gasan, Buenavista, Torrijos and Sta Cruz in Marinduque, which are areas of woodland with a total region of 8.827.96. This wildlife sanctuary is adored by tourists from different sides of the world.


Mountain Areas

The western block is the Balagbag mountain range which grows to 801 MASL, while the eastern block is the Central Marinduque range with 845 MASL maximum altitude. These regions are great mountaineering sites. All regions are available through barangay highways inside the timberlands.


Nearby Areas

Located high in the hills, Pulang Lupa Historical Park provides a panoramic perspective of the southern coast of Marinduque. The violent weapon fight between the Filipino revolutionaries headed by Col Maximo Abad and the American Volunteers headed by Capt Deveraux Shields resulted in one of the very few wins the Filipinos earned over the Americans. The Americans formally acknowledged their losses as registered in the American War Archives. The post is now marked by an obelisk, a NHI marker, and a tangible retablo.

Another one is Poctoy White Beach. It's the only tropical island region in Marinduque that provides a stretch of over a kilometer of good white to grainy cream sand. The location is matched by small accommodation for overnight visitors and more than a dozen indigenous lease cottages. It also has excellent beach views of Mt. Malindig.