Hotels in the Philippines

Hotels in the Philippines

Find the best hotels in the Philippines. Whether you're traveling solo or with a group of family of friends, there's a lot of options waiting for you, ranging from budget 1-star to 5-star luxury accommodations. Explore the best places in the Philippines' largest travel marketplace

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Frequently asked questions

What are the best hotels in the Philippines?

There are many hotel accommodations in the Philippines, especially since it’s home to various cityscapes and top destinations with major attractions like Manila, the capital of the Philippines, Cebu, known for its historical and natural attractions, and Davao, home to nature parks and idyllic beaches.

It depends on the type of travel. For solo travel in the Philippines, the best hotel stays might be at hotels with travel promos, or at one of the budget-friendly hostels in the Philippines. For business travelers, staying at hotels near Philippine airports might be the most convenient choice. For those traveling in the Philippines with kids, there are family vacation packages to choose from that include stays at 5-star hotels in the Philippines and other hotels perfect for a Philippine staycation. For sustainable travel, staying at eco-friendly hotels in the Philippines is a great option.

What are the best areas to book hotels in the Philippines?

The best areas to book hotels in the Philippines are the ones closest to major cities, airports, and drop-off points.

Do hotels in the Philippines have Wi-Fi?

It depends on the hotel you’ll be staying in, but most major hotels in the Philippines have Wi-Fi in their lobbies and in most of their rooms and suites. You can take advantage of the free Wi-Fi in your hotel and make an itinerary for your trip to various Philippine tourist spots, book additional flights in the Philippines online, or check out existing Philippine vacation packages on an online travel agency like Guide to the Philippines.

What are the facilities and amenities of the hotels in the Philippines?

There are different types of hotels in the Philippines, ranging from budget (1-star to 2-star), mid-range (3-star), to luxury (4-star to 5-star). The common amenities in most hotels in the Philippines are air conditioning, bathroom with toiletries, coffee/tea maker, telephone, safe, desk, refrigerator, minibar, and many more. Meanwhile, most hotels have their own restaurant/snack bar/coffee shop, pool, business and conference facilities, and many more. However, it varies depending on the classification of hotel you’ll be booking for, whether it’s budget, mid-range, or luxury.

What time is the usual check-in and check-out in hotels in the Philippines?

Regardless of online hotel reservations, the usual check-in time for hotels in the Philippines is at 2PM, while the check-out time is at 12NN.

Do hotels in the Philippines accept credit cards?

Yes, most hotels in the Philippines accept credit cards. Make sure to check with your chosen hotel for confirmation on your online hotel booking.

Do hotels in the Philippines have airport transfers?

Most hotels in the Philippines offer airport transfers. Otherwise, the hotel staff will be happy to assist you in finding the right public transport for you, or you can book your own transport service.

Do hotels in the Philippines offer complimentary breakfast?

Yes, but it depends on the room you’ll be availing in a hotel. Some hotels offer the best hotel deals, which already include breakfast. Meanwhile, some hotel deals online offer the option of booking meals after choosing a room.