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Relax and unwind at some of the best vacation house rentals in the Philippines. Whether you prefer a private pool resort, a beach house, or a mountain cabin, you'll find a vacation house rental in the Philippines that suits your preference in our collection.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a vacation rental?

The Philippines is home to some of the best vacation rentals in the world. Philippine vacation rentals are homes in tourist areas that are typically rented to leisure guests. The house might have been purchased particularly for this use, or its regular occupants might leave it empty for a while each year for other travelers to rent. You can have a more comfortable, delightful vacation by renting a vacation house, which offers the solitude and luxury of a home.

Their primary benefits of booking holiday home rentals include greater amenities (such as kitchens), privacy, and access to local culture, especially when visiting underrated Philippine tourist destinations. Traditional homes are not the only kinds of vacation rental homes; there are also cottages, cabins, villas, beach houses, condos, and apartments. They might also range from modest apartments to luxurious mansions situated near top Philippine tourist spots.

Why should I book a vacation rental?

Aside from staying in luxury Philippine hotels, Philippine beach resorts, or other types of Philippine accommodations, it is recommended to stay at vacation rentals as it is an option that feels more like a home away from home.

Most vacation rentals offer more space per person. If you choose the correct rental home when booking through a legitimate Philippine travel agency like Guide to the Philippines, you'll have plenty of space whether you're traveling alone, with a small group, or with another couple. What's more, it is entirely yours. There won't be any issues with noisy neighbors or shared restrooms.

Aside from the obvious cost savings, most vacation rentals include kitchens, so in addition to saving money on the property itself, you may also save money by cooking your own meals.

What are some of the amenities and facilities at a vacation rental?

Some of the best amenities of a vacation home rental include a kitchen, a laundry area, a jacuzzi, a barbecue grill, a video game console area, and more unique necessities. Facilities depend on the type of vacation rental. Most vacation rental properties have access to swimming pools, gaming areas, access to public beaches, and other forms of entertainment.

The best thing about vacation rentals is that you can pick the features and kind of accommodation that will make your trip genuinely memorable. While some renters prefer having an outdoor barbecue grill, some prefer a garden, some prefer a jacuzzi, and so on and so forth. You can definitely locate a vacation rental with all the extra features you want if you carefully browse vacation rental ads.

Where can I find vacation rentals in the Philippines?

Whether you prefer a private pool resort, a beach house, or a mountain cabin, chances are you can find a vacation rental in the Philippines that suits your budget after fulfilling the Philippine travel requirements.

Some of the most popular Philippine staycation rentals include Batangas private pool resorts for rent, bed and breakfast homes in Tagaytay, bed and breakfast homes in Baguio, Boracay villas with private pools, Manila villas with private pools, Cebu villas for rent, Zambales beach houses for rent, Bataan beach houses for rent, Subic Beach houses for rent, La Union beach houses for rent, Baler beach houses for rent, and more.

Are vacation rentals family-friendly?

Yes! One of the best features of vacation rentals is the space. For example, it's nearly hard to remain together on the same property when traveling with the whole family to some of the best Philippine family destinations. Your freedom, intimacy, and fun are severely constrained when you must remain in separate rooms, sometimes even on different levels. The complete family may stay together under one roof, eat together, unwind in the living room, and enjoy much more privacy and comfort, just as if they were staying in their own home, by renting a vacation apartment.

By booking a vacation rental, the whole family can focus more on trying out various all-inclusive family vacation packages, such as El Nido tour packages, Bohol tour packages, Coron tour packages, and Boracay tour packages.