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Information about Pinagbuyutan Island

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Pinagbuyutan Island

Pinagbuyutan Island in El Nido Palawan

Pinagbuyutan Island is definitely a rare gem of El Nido’s Tour B. This island is more known for its unique shape than its white sand beach. From afar, this island looks like one giant rock sitting in the middle of Bacuit Bay of Palawan. As you draw closer to the island, one will see that its whole landscape is made of pure limestone cliffs. These steep walls are all natural and have been formed more than 125 million years ago. Because of the presence of limestones, Pinagbuyutan Island is locally called Inabuyatan Island which means Enchanted Island when translated to the local language.

Rest and Relaxation

At the foot of these limestone formations are small stretches of fine, white-sand beaches. The beach is perfect for a swim and a snooze. The shoreline is filled with much greenery especially coconut trees, making it a great spot to just relax and enjoy the breeze. Pinagbuyutan Island is also a good snorkeling site where one will be welcomed by the colorful underwater life beneath the emerald-colored water. Its unspoiled beauty is what makes Pinagbuyutan Island really unique and beautiful.

Film Inspiration

To some foreigners, Pinagbuyutan Island is known as the Survivor Island because of the popular reality TV show, Survivor. A few seasons of the said US series have been filmed on this island for a number of times already since 1999. The different country franchises that have filmed scenes here are the South African, Swedish, and French editions of the reality TV show. Pinagbuyutan Island was filmed together with other beautiful attractions in El Nido like Big Lagoon and Secret Lagoon. It is also said to be the inspiration of the movie “The Beach”. Despite its international recognition, the dreamy charm and beachscape of Pinagbuyutan Island remain to be well-kept.