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El Nido Yachting Club offers premium tours around Bacuit Bay. Discover El Nido’s towering limestone cliffs, pristine beaches, and glistening blue seas as you sail through paradise with us. Our seven-hour itinerary will be arranged prior to the tour to ensure the best experience for our guests while being away from crowds.

We offer a diverse range of tour options to cater to travelers with varying preferences. These options include both private and group tours, ensuring that our customers have the flexibility to choose the experience that best aligns with their travel preferences and group dynamics.

We are DOT-accredited and compliant with the local government's safety requirements.



An average customer rating of 5.0 ranks El Nido Yachting Club as an excellent tour operator.
Excellent company 2 reviews
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El Nido Yachting Club

Average review rating 5.0

2 traveller reviews

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