RT-PCR Home-Service or Drive-Thru Swab Test or Saliva Test 8HR, 15HR, 24HR Results | Detoxicare

RT-PCR Home-Service or Drive-Thru Swab Test or Saliva Test  8HR, 15HR, 24HR Results | Detoxicare
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Book this home-service or drive-thru COVID-19 RT-PCR Test (Swab Test or Saliva Test for COVID-19) with 8-hour, 15-hour, or 24-hours results as a convenient option for your RT-PCR test needs. This home-service RT-PCR COVID swab test and saliva COVID test are available anywhere in Metro Manila. The transportation fee for home-service is already included in the package. Drive-thru RT-PCR tests in swab testing centers are available in Manila, Makati, and Marikina. A negative RT-PCR Test result is one of the travel requirements for traveling. 

The RT-PCR Test (Swab Test or Saliva Test for COVID-19) will be administered by Detoxicare Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory Inc, a Department of Health (DOH) accredited testing laboratory. You will have the option to avail of the home-service RT-PCR test anywhere in Metro Manila, or take the drive-thru RT-PCR test at one of their branches in Manila, Makati, and Marikina,

For home-service RT-PCR swab or saliva test for COVID-19, expect a call from Detoxicare for the instructions. The certified health workers or trained saliva-specified collectors in full PPE will go to your home and administer the test there. 

For drive-thru RT-PCR swab or saliva test for COVID-19, present your voucher at the testing facility and the test will be administered by certified health workers or trained saliva-specified collectors in full PPE. 

The COVID-19 RT-PCR Test is a real-time reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction test for the detection of nucleic acid from SARS-CoV-2. Samples are collected through swabs in the nose and throat or saliva collection and will detect if a person is infected with the COVID-19 virus. RT-PCR Test is the most accurate of the three different COVID-19 tests, the two of which are Antibody Rapid Test and Antigen Test. A QR-enable test result of your RT-PCR Test will be emailed to you within 8-hour, 15-hour, or 24-hour, depending on which service you availed of. 

Book this home-service or drive-thru RT-PCR Test (COVID Swab Test or Saliva Test) with 8-hour, 15-hour, or 24-hour results for hassle-free preparation for your travel requirements. Check availability by choosing a date. 

Drive-Thru RT-PCR Testing Centers:

MAKATI: One World Medical

Diane Optical, 926 Pasay Road Makati, Metro Manila Operating Hours: Mon-Sun, 9:00AM-4:00PM

MANILA-Ermita: One World Medical

One World Medical, Romualdez St., cor., Zobel St., Ermita Manila Operating Hours : Mon-Sat, 9:00AM-5:00PM

MANILA-Malate: MP Diagnostic

2130 M.H. Del Pilar St. Malate, Manila Operating Hours: Mon-Sat, 9:00AM-5:00PM

MARIKINA: Healthy World Medical

Lot 5 blk 6 Golden Valley Subd. Brgy Malanday Marikina City Operating Hours: Mon-Sat, 9:00AM-5:00PM


Home-Service RT-PCR Testing coverage: Anywhere in Metro Manila

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COVID-19 RT-PCR Test (Swab Test or Saliva Test) 8-hour, 15-hour or 24-hour results - Drive Thru or Home Service
Test administered by certified health workers or trained saliva-specified collectors
Full PPE for the nurse or medical technologist
Transportation fee for Home Service
QR-enable test result sent via email

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- Swabbing area to be provided by the client for Home Service

1. What is an RT-PCR test?

An RT-PCR test, or a real-time reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction test, is a process used to detect the genetic material from SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. To test for the presence of the virus, samples have to be taken from a person's nose or throat by conducting a nasal swab or collecting saliva.

The RT-PCR COVID swab test is the most accurate of the three most commonly used COVID-19 tests, the two of which are the Antibody Rapid Test and the Antigen Test.

2. Rapid test vs Swab test: What's the difference?

An Antibody Rapid Test uses blood samples to detect the presence of specific antibodies a person's immune system produces in response to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. To do this, you need to collect a drop of blood by pricking your finger. The collected blood will then be placed in a sample hole of an Antibody Rapid Test. Next, a solution will be added to the sample hole. Your results will then be ready in about 20 minutes. However, since this test looks for antibodies that you would develop after contracting COVID-19, it is often less accurate and may lead to false-positive or false-negative results.

On the other hand, a swab test is done by inserting a swab into a person's nostrils to collect a sample. The sample will then be tested for the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus using certain methods depending on whether it is part of an RT-PCR test or an Antigen test. Aside from collecting samples via a nasal swab, swab tests are considered to produce more accurate results. Depending on a laboratory's capacity, results may take a few hours or more.

3. RT-PCR vs Antigen Test: What's the difference?

The main difference between an RT-PCR test and an Antigen test is what each test is designed to detect. RT-PCR tests are used to look for genetic material from the SARS-CoV-2, while an Antigen test detects protein markers located on the virus' surface.

Additionally, an RT-PCR test can detect the virus even before a person shows any symptoms of COVID-19. On the other hand, Antigen tests detect protein markers that may not show up until the peak of a COVID-19 infection, meaning it may overlook the virus when it is in the early stages or if the person is asymptomatic.

Overall, an RT-PCR COVID swab test is considered more accurate but is more costly and takes longer to produce results than an Antigen test.

4. RT-PCR Test Procedure: What to Expect?

A swab test is done by collecting a sample from your nasal cavity. To do this, a healthcare worker will insert a swab in both your nostrils. When it is inserted, it is usually rotated before being removed. The procedure is quick but may be uncomfortable for a brief moment, causing you to feel the need to cough or make your eyes water.

Meanwhile, a saliva COVID test simply requires you to spit into a sterile tube. Since this test is not invasive, it does not cause discomfort.

5. What to do before a swab test?

Prior to your walk-in COVID test, it is important to make sure your nostrils are clear to avoid having to repeat the test. If you feel any excess mucus in your nostrils, please blow your nose using tissue paper before the test.

However, if your nostrils are already clear, you will not need to do any special steps to prepare for the test.

6. How much is an RT-PCR COVID swab test?

Our RT-PCR swab test in Manila is PHP 2,200. We have the best rates for RT-PCR testing in Manila.

7. Is an RT-PCR COVID swab test painful?

The COVID swab test can be uncomfortable, but generally, it's not painful.

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