Manila Quarantine from SFO at Seda Vertis North with Philippine Airlines, Meals & Virtual Tour

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Tour starts
(SFO) San Francisco International Airport, CA USA
8 days
Ending place
Seda Vertis North, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippin
Minimum age:


Travel to Manila, Philippines from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and stay in Seda Vertis North during the mandatory quarantine required for inbound visitors with this package. This quarantine package comes complete with a Philippine Airlines Economy Class airfare from SFO to MNL, a 6-day stay for fully vaccinated travelers with negative RT-PCR result from airport of origin at Seda Vertis North’s Junior Suite, transfer from the airport to the hotel, daily meals, the required RT-PCR test on your 5th quarantine day, and even FREE virtual classes and tours with guides to help you explore the Philippines in the safety of your hotel room. For unvaccinated or partially vaccinated travelers, you will have the option to add 2 days to this package to complete the required 8 quarantine days, and the RT-PCR test will be scheduled on your 7th quarantine day.

This package suits those wanting to visit the Philippines from the U.S. amid the pandemic because the Philippine government instructs all tourists to comply with the number of quarantine days. Since it already covers your flight, quarantine hotel, airport pick-up and transfer, full-board meals, and RT-PCR test, you can rest assured that your trip will be a smooth and convenient one. 

Upon landing in Manila City, a guide will help you check in to the Junior Suite at the 3-star Seda Vertis North, a hotel that is allowed to operate for quarantine purposes. The establishment follows strict COVID-19 safety protocols such as contact tracing, regular cleaning, and temperature checks to ensure a secure environment for its visitors. In addition, you will also receive a free sanitary kit after checking-in. 

To make the most of your time in quarantine, sign up for any of the FREE courses and virtual guided tours while relaxing in your hotel after a long journey. Tours of Manila's walled district of Intramuros, the picturesque islands of Palawan, and the gorgeous mountains of the Cordillera region are among the virtual experiences available. It also contains language courses in Filipino/Tagalog and Baybayin, an in-depth study on Pampanga's culinary delights, and an interactive mystery game based on Philippine art history.

Book this quarantine package for a stress-free trip to Manila, Philippines, despite the pandemic. Hotel, flights, airport transportation, meals, and the COVID-19 test are all included. Check availability by choosing a date.

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One-way Economy airfare from San Francisco (SFO) to Manila (MNL) via Philippines Airlines Flight PR 105 with FREE 23 kilos baggage allowance per person (DAY 1-2)
OPTIONAL ADD-ON: Exclusive discounted return flight at PHP 21,999 per person. Select the Round-trip airfare before booking. Not valid for Dec. 20, 2021-Jan. 15, 2022. Special rates will apply. (See details in the PAL section below)
6-Day Quarantine stay at Seda Vertis North - Deluxe Room (For Fully Vaccinated with Negative RT-PCR Test from Airport of Origin)
Full Board Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)
One-Way Transfer from Airport upon Arrival
Complimentary Wi-Fi Access
FREE Daily Virtual Classes and Tour - Choose the classes you want to avail
Mandatory RT-PCR Test
ADD-ON: Early Check-in at Hotel (See details in the Good to Know section below)
ADD-ON: 2 Nights stay extension for Partially Vaccinated/Unvaccinated
ADD-ON: One-Way Transfer from hotel to airport after checkout


Airport Transfers

Daily itinerary

Day 1
Inside the San Francisco International Airport

Day 1 - Departure from San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

Check that you have completed all essential papers and brought all correct travel documents before flying out of San Francisco International Airport. Afterward, you will board the Philippine Airlines airplane heading for Manila to begin your trip.
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Day 2
Boeing Aircraft of Philippine Airlines

Day 2 - Flight to Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL)

It will take around 14 hours and 5 minutes to fly from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) to Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila (MNL). You can relax on this long-haul trip while the Philippine Airlines crew safely transports you to the Philippines.
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Day 3
Lobby of Seda Vertis North

Day 3 - Arrival at Philippines & Early check-in at Seda Vertis North + Quarantine Day 1

After arriving at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in Manila, you will be picked up by your private transfer to Seda Vertis North at Terminal 2 International Arrival - Bay No. 14 (Inner lane). The hotel staff will give you your personal sanitation kit. All meals will be served inside your hotel room. You will be advised about your mandatory RT-PCR test that you need to take on the 5th quarantine day (if Fully Vaccinated with Negative RT-PCR from Origin Airport), or 7th quarantine day (if Partially Vaccinated / Unvaccinated with Negative RT-PCR from Origin Airport). In case you show symptoms of COVID-19 before your RT-PCR test, you need to inform the hotel staff as soon as possible. A health or BOQ officer will examine you and may have you undergo testing if necessary.
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Day 4
Deluxe Twin Room in Seda Vertis North

Day 4 - Quarantine Day 2

The hotel staff will serve you your breakfast, lunch, and dinner inside your room. You may take part in the FREE virtual tour or class scheduled for this day.
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Day 5
Philippine Virtual Tour

Day 5 - Quarantine Day 3

As a safety measure, your meals will be served to you in your hotel room. You can take a FREE virtual tour or class scheduled for this day.
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Day 6
Philippine Virtual Tour

Day 6 - Quarantine Day 4

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be delivered to your room by the hotel personnel. You may also join a FREE tour or class scheduled for the day.
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Day 7

Day 7 - Quarantine Day 5 + RT-PCR Test (For Fully Vaccinated with Negative RT-PCR from Origin Airport)

All your meals will be served inside your room to comply with safety protocols. You may go on a FREE virtual tour or class scheduled for this day. The mandatory RT-PCR test will be administered on quarantine day 5 if you are fully vaccinated. Prepare your passport and ID and show them to the personnel who will conduct the test. The hotel staff will serve all your meals inside your hotel room.
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Day 8
Pool of Seda Vertis Nort

Day 8 - Quarantine Day 6 + Check-Out (For Fully Vaccinated with Negative RT-PCR from Origin Airport)

For fully vaccinated travelers, breakfast and lunch will be served in your room. Once you’ve completed your mandatory quarantine and get negative results in your RT-PCR test, you can check out of your room at Seda Vertis North Hotel
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What to bring

Face Mask and Face Shield

Good to know

BOOKING INFORMATION - Upon booking, please expect an email from for the voucher, reminder, and next steps.

MEET AND GREET - For seamless transfer from the airport to your hotel, kindly keep your communication lines open. Once you arrived in the Philippines your designated driver will reach out to you. The driver will meet the Passengers at the Vehicle Loading area as follows; NAIA Terminal 2 International Arrival - Bay No. 14 (inner lane) | NAIA Terminal 2 Domestic Arrival - Bay No. 6 (inner lane)

VIRTUAL TOURS AND CLASSES - You will receive a confirmation email including the meeting link for your chosen tours and classes within 48hrs upon completion of purchase. Virtual Tours and Classes start at 1:00 PM PST via Google Meet.

MANDATORY RT-PCR TEST - When you register to One Health Pass (, you need to choose Detoxicare as your testing laboratory.

EARLY CHECK-IN - Standard check-in time is 1400H-1500H. For early check-in, you may proceed to add-ons to avail of early check-in exclusive rates. Make sure that room for early check-in selected is same as the actual room type.

HOTEL STAY EXTENSION - Delays caused by the processing of quarantine certificates by the Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ) that results in additional nights will be settled between the guest and the hotel. Guest can book directly with the hotel via personal account using the published rate.

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Flights by Philippine Airlines (SFO-MNL)

Philippine Airlines' high-technology aircraft are equipped with advanced cabin air systems. This enables the continuous infusion of clean air across the cabin and High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters (HEPA filters) that remove viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants with 99.99% efficiency.

Your Flight Details

This package includes a one-way Economy class airfare from San Francisco to Manila with a baggage allowance of 23 kgs each for 2 bags per person. PR105 San Francisco (SFO) - Manila (MNL) | Terminal: NAIA 2 Note: Flight numbers may vary. Subject to change.

Completing your Traveler Details

Philippine Airlines flight e-tickets will be issued as soon as all Traveler details are submitted online. IMPORTANT: Once booked, please check your email to complete the Philippine Airlines online form within 24 hours of booking. For questions and assistance, please email Optional return flights are available. Travel dates for return flights (departing Manila) are September 20 to March 9, 2021, with blackout dates from December 11, 2021 to January 20, 2022. Upon booking, please expect a separate email with the itinerary and vouchers, a link to the Traveler Details Form(TDF) which you'll need to accomplish for ticket issuance, and some reminders to guide you for your arrival in the Philippines. Information on your return trip if you opt to get a roundtrip ticket will be inputted in the TDF.

Philippine Airline Optional Return Ticket - Terms and Conditions

Return flights must be booked within three (3) months from their departure date. Offer is valid only until March 9, 2022. Blackout dates of December 11, 2021 to January 20, 2022 applies.

Upon booking, please expect a separate email with the itinerary and vouchers, a link to the Traveler Details Form(TDF) which you'll need to accomplish for ticket issuance, and some reminders to guide you for your arrival in the Philippines. Information on your return trip if you opt to get a roundtrip ticket will be inputted in the TDF.

Virtual Tours and Classes

Intramuros Virtual Tour (Monday)

Discover the rich stories behind Pearl City as you explore the most visited tourist attractions of the breathtaking Walled City of Intramuros. Take a trip down memory lane, learn about more than 400 years of Manila’s history and its iconic Spanish citadel, Intramuros.

Filipino Language Online Class (Tuesday)

Take an introductory class on the basics of beginners’ Filipino/Tagalog language. You will immerse in the communicative methods of instructions and all four modalities of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The curriculum provides students with sufficient language and cultural awareness so you can engage in basic daily conversations using simple sentence-level discourse.

Palawan Virtual Tour (Wednesday)

Explore the islands of Palawan, known as the Philippines’ last frontier and is consistently listed as one of the most beautiful places on earth by various international publications. This immersive tour on Palawan will let you explore different parts of the island from north to south and showcases its incredible biodiversity and breathtaking sites.

Cordillera Virtual Tour (Thursday)

Discover the Cordillera Central mountain range, the highest and the single largest mass of mountains in the entire Philippine archipelago. The rice terraces are more than a sensational sight, it is also a source of sustenance for Filipinos across the archipelago and a towering symbol of national pride.

Baybayin Language Online Class (Friday)

Learn about Baybayin, an ancient 17-character indigenous Indic script that has been part of the Philippines’ culture and heritage for centuries. Nowadays, Filipino millennials all over the world are reviving this ancient language through tattoos, art, and fashion, in recognition of its crucial part in Philippine identity.

Juan Luna Mystery Game (Saturday)

You will have to solve puzzles to discover the buried riches in this interactive mystery game slash virtual tour. To complete the game, you'll need to utilize your analytical and critical thinking abilities as you study Manila's art scene, history, and renowned works of art.

Kapampangan Cuisine Cooking Lesson (Sunday)

In this session, you'll discover how inventive Kampampangans are when it comes to culinary creations, as shown by the origins of some of their most famous dishes. You'll also learn how Pampanga cuisine varies from other Filipino cuisine and why the region is known as the Philippines' Culinary Capital.

Philippine Arrivals Testing & Quarantine Protocols

New quarantine protocols for all inbound travelers to the Philippines due to the new Omicron Variant which has been recorded in several countries abroad. The arrival and quarantine protocols in the Philippines for Green and Yellow List countries below are taking effect on Dec. 3, 2021 as stated by the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF):

For Fully Vaccinated Passengers

- Required to present a pre-departure negative RT-PCR test taken within 72 hrs from departure

- Facility quarantine with testing done on the 5th day, if negative, completion of the mandatory 14 day quarantine at home with arrival date as Day 1

For Unvaccinated, Not Fully Vaccinated or No Proof of Vaccination

- Required to present a pre-departure negative RT-PCR test taken within 72 hrs from departure

- Facility quarantine with testing done on the 7th day, if negative, completion of the 14 day quarantine at home with arrival date as Day 1

Minors would follow the testing and quarantine protocol of the parent or guardian traveling with them, regardless of their vaccination status and country of origin.

Room Occupancy Guidelines

Based on the guidelines issued by the Department of Tourism (DOT), Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF – EID) and the Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ), single occupancy stays should be observed.

Exceptions for double occupancy may apply if you belong to any of the guest profiles mentioned below and are able to provide the requirements listed:

1. Persons from the same household traveling together

• Copy of ID’s with the same home address;

• Proof of billing including both guest names;

or Affidavit confirming that both guests belong to the same household

2. Guests traveling with a minor (18 years of age and below)

• Copy of ID reflecting the birth date of the minor

3. Guests such as Senior Citizens and/or travelers with medical emergencies:

• Copy of Senior Citizen/PWD ID;

• Medical Certificate indicating chronic medical illness

If none of the above guest profiles apply to you, you may try and seek approval from the Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ) by providing your complete guest profile details and reason for room share request. The request should be sent to the email address that corresponds to the airport you will arrive at:

• Arrival at Terminal 1 -

• Arrival at Terminal 2 -

• Arrival at Terminal 3 -

For repatriated OFWs and ROFs under quarantine, double or multiple occupancy in rooms shall be pre-approved by the quarantine medical officer (QMO) on duty stationed at the NAIA terminals.

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