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Information about Antonia White Sand Beach

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Antonia White Sand Beach

Antonia Beach is situated at Gigantes Sur, one of the islands that comprise Islas de Gigantes, The latter is located in the Visayan Sea, just off the northeastern tip of the main island of Pana, and is part of the municipality of Carles, Iloilo.

A tiny cave can be explored in the tall karst formations on the beach's northern end. From this side of the beach, one can wade in the crystal blue waters and admire the view of the rest of Gigantes Sur.

While both the western and eastern sections of the beach have nice swimming areas, the eastern part is quieter. The western side is ideal for snorkeling, particularly near the long pile of huge slanted rocks at the beach's southern end.


How to get there

Estancia port is the main jump-off point to Isla de Gigantes Sur so you can ride the ferry going there.


Best time to visit

In order to get the best experience in Antonia Beach, it is highly recommended to visit during the summer season, from November to April.

Frequently asked questions

Are there any establishments in the area?

There are tables and benches for visitors to dine at, as well as a local shop that sells cold drinks.

Can you sleep overnight at Antonia White Sand Beach?

Yes, on the western side of the beach, there is a line of tents for rent. Visitors can sleep overnight here.