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Information about Bamban Museum of History

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Bamban Museum of History


Bamban Museum of History also known as “BMH” serves as a memento to honor the veterans of the second world war. Established by Mr. Rhonie C. Dela Cruz In September 24, 2004. And on January 23, 2005, the museum was officially dedicated with the commemoration of the Battle of Bamban Hills. In December 2005, the first phase of museum renovation was conducted. And on October 2008, the museum was re-opened after the improvements made. Various visitors from the United States, Japan, and Korea including families of veterans, students, researchers, and the local population and people from the surrounding provinces come to the museum as frequent visitors.


The museum boasts a plethora of artifacts, some of which are: Fossils found at the cliff of Mt. Lagare in Monikayo, showing leaves and tree branches as sealed in volcanic clay form the top of the hill, showing how destructive the previous eruption in 1300’s as compared to the 1991 eruption. You will also find a “Timeline in History” of Bamban covering 1700, Spanish Colonial era, the Revolution of 1896, and the Filipino-American War of 1899, and American Period. But the main highlight of the museum are the WWII exhibits. The museum shows in detail through pictures and memorabilia’s the struggles of veterans and it covers a wider historical perspective on the side of the Filipinos, the Aetas, the Americans, the Japanese, and the Koreans. Various memorials are also established at the museum to pay respect to the fallen veterans, these memorials are not limited to Filipino, and American soldiers, but also Japanese and Korean veterans too, it is a striking sight to see these memorials in one place. The museum will surely make you value your freedom and appreciate the history of the men who fought for it.