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Information about Camugao Falls

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Camugao Falls, Balilihan, Bohol, Philippines
Distance From City Center
0.5 km
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Camugao Falls 

The Camugao Falls is considered as one of the enchanting sights in Bohol. It is located at the San Isidro, which is a five-minute drive away from the city proper of Balilihan. 

Camugao Falls is one of the must-see places in the area. The city is blessed with natural beauty, as there are numerous sights to enjoy in the municipality of Balilihan, that includes: Mt. Carmel Hill and Belfry, Balilihan Parks and Plaza, Kawasan Falls, Niluksuan Falls, Hanapol Mini Hydro site, Abatan River, Camag-ong Cave, Cogon, and the Victoria Garden.

Camugao Falls from its top serves a mesmerizing view for its visitors, and on the low part, its foot shows its natural beauty as waters fall from above. It only requires a 10-minute walk through a trail, to get there. Along the way, you will be amazed by the ambiance of nature. Green plants are spread throughout the area. You can take a dip, dive, and swim in the natural made pool, more therapeutic because of the cold water flowing from the falls. For more fun and adventurous activity, you may also climb at the other side of the falls for a higher jumping experience, though it is advisable to observe extra caution as safety should be the top priority.

How to get there

Renting a scooter from one of the many scooter rental outlets strewn throughout Panglao is the best way to get to Camugao Falls in Balilihan.

Best time to visit

Visit this attraction during the summer months to get the most out of your visit.