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Information about Del Monte Plantation

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Del Monte Pineapple Plantation, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon, Philippines
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1.8 km
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Del Monte Plantation

Del Monte Plantation in Bukidnon

One of the largest pineapple plantations in the world and the biggest in the Far East is found in Mindanao Philippines which is the Del Monte Plantation. It is owned by Del Monte Philippines Inc. and the place is famous for the thousands of hectares all dedicated for pineapple planting for importing and exporting of the products.

The plantation is seen from people who rides the 840 meter zip line ride from Dahilayan Adventure Park which is one of the longest zip line rides in Asia.


What to see

Sure guests can expect to see uncountable pineapples planted but they can also learn how these pineapples are being transformed, canned, and packed before they hit the grocery stores across the country and even some of the certain part of the world.

The plantation has its own golf course and golf club wherein golfers from different parts in the country manages to visit the course to play golf. The golf course is popular for its world-class 18 holes, 72 yard golf courses and even their huge 6,390 yard par course.

Aside from the golf course, the plantation has their own clubhouse that was initially exclusive to the golfers. However, the clubhouse is now open to anyone who wishes to dine in and eat hearty meals offered to the visitors of the plantation.

There is a souvenir shop located inside if visitors are interested to buy pineapple goodies from the fruit, jams, and even pineapple flavored treats.


How to get there

In order to arrive to Del Monte Plantation, guests usually passes by Camp Philips, a community found in Manolo Fortich in Bukidnon. Upon entering the Camp Philips, guests are usually welcomed with a giant pineapple that symbolizes the entrance to the pineapple plantation.

Del Monte Plantation is 34 kilometers away from Cagayan De Oro, it can be accessed by a private van or other mode of transportation that passes by Manolo Fortich.