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Information about Deocampo's Barquillos

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Deocampo's Barquillos, Santa Isabel Street, Jaro, Iloilo City, Iloilo, Philippines
Opening Hours
07:00 - 19:00
Distance From City Center
363 m
High Season
Family Friendly
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De Ocampo's Barquillos

Deocampo's Barquillos in Iloilo

Exploring the culture of the place is not complete without having a taste of its popular snacks and delicacies. If you’re planning to have a trip around the city of Iloilo, De Ocampo’s should be a priority before you fly out of the city. And where’s the best way to try barquillos, than to have it to the place where it all started. 

Whether you’re craving for Iloilo’s famous barquillos or you’re looking for a perfect pasalubong, De Ocampo’s Pasalubong Shop is the perfect place for your local snack haul. Don’t miss out your chance to try the best, the most popular, and the original barquillos in the whole country. Located at Santa Isabel Street in Jaro, this pasalubong shop is synonymous to barquillos because of its century long production of this crispy Filipino favorite snack. Since 1896 until now, De Ocampo still stick to the original flavor which their barquillos are known for. 

Inspired by the Spanish barquillos, Iloilo’s barquillos have a thinner and longer wafer cylindrical biscuits made with sugar, milk, flour, egg, vanilla, and butter. This Filipino favorite snack was resulted by a mere food experiment of combining sugar and milk to “ostya” leftover by Jose and Bessie De Ocampo. Now, the said recipe became a staple pasalubong item and popular Filipino snack from across the country. 

Barquillos is derived from the Spanish term Barquillera, a flat wafer iron plate used for cooking barquillos. Every barquillos are made with precision and dedication especially when using barquillera to achieve that perfect and crispy cylindrical wafer. 

Additional tip for you to enjoy your barquillos is to partner it with your favorite ice cream or mix it with other flavors such as polvoron, pandan or ube. Other best sellers include barquiron, biscocho, pinasugbo, toasted mammon, pasencia, and other desserts.