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Information about Gui-ob Church Ruins

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Tourist Attraction
Guiob Church Ruins, National Highway, Catarman, Camiguin, Philippines
Distance From City Center
8.7 km
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Gui-ob Church Ruins

Gui-ob Church Ruins

For history lovers, Gui-Ob Church Ruins is one of the most historical and one of the vintage ruins that still looks beautiful until today. The church served as a great witness on how the Filipinos back then were able to practice their faith and how the once fully functional Church became one of the center for religion development in the province.



Back during the Spanish Era, Camiguin’s island capital is known as Cotta Bato, it was an attractive town as how the locals describes the city. The church became the one of the town’s most prized possession, as it is built using coral stones. The large church’s structure that used to hold Weddings, Baptisms, Funerals and even Sunday Masses has gone in an instant during a destructive eruption of Mt. Vulcan in 1871.

Mt. Vulcan’s 1871 eruption has been recorded as the most destructive eruption during those years as the eruption has wiped out Cotta Bato leaving a few survivors. The Gui-Ob Church was not spared with the eruption as the buildings has been destructed as if it faced a huge war, which turned out as rocks and lavas from the erupting volcano has destroyed and has left ruins proving that there was once a grand church standing in the past.


Activities to do and Sights to see

Upon visiting the ruins, most visitors lights a candle before entering the church and offers a prayer for the lives that were taken back in the days. Some of the buildings are still intact that can prove that there were once a church built-in that place.

The ruins found in the place are in different forms already, so it is highly suggested that visitors won’t have a high expectation to see a highly maintained ruins, as mosses and even tree roots can visibly be seen in the ruins.

Visitors may still enjoy a relaxing time having detours and even learning more about the history on how a once popular town capital was destroyed by an eruption in span of a short time.