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Information about Hidden Valley Springs

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Hidden Valley Springs, Calauan, Laguna, Philippines
Distance From City Center
2.9 km
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Hidden Valley Springs

Hidden Valley Springs is a mountain resort in Laguna tucked between two mountains rich in
folklore, Mt. Makiling and Mt. Banahaw. Its spectacular flora and fauna, not to mention its close
proximity to Manila (approximately 75 km away), make it a popular tourist destination
whether for a day trip or an overnight getaway.

Family Legacy
This 110-acre well-preserved tropical forest has been around for ages. It has been maintained
by four generations of the Roxas clan since the old man Eufrocino Roxas bought the property in
To date, guests enjoy the same quality of excellent service and accommodations and a
memorable experience that has always been a Hidden Valley Spring signature.

Hidden Valley Spring takes pride in its world-class accommodations with its rustic touch. The
well-appointed rooms are cozy and comfortable. The classy interiors make guests feel special.
Because wood is the main element of the structures, it makes the resort feel cooler. The
spacious terraces make a good vantage point to behold the greeneries of the surroundings.
There are two restaurant outlets in the resort, one is the airy open pavilion under bamboo
trellis and the other one is the enclosed pavilion. Aside from delectable dishes, both restaurants
provide a laid-back atmosphere for all the guests to savor.

Just a few minutes away, tourists enjoy the natural springs and pools of the resort and the
spectacular waterfalls that come from the mountain top.
Beautiful coconut trees, cocoa trees and lanzones trees abound in the area. The towering
Amlang trees are a beauty to behold. They have literally stood the test of time being around for
more than centuries already.
A more secluded part of the valley has what they call a Lover’s Pool. It is so hidden that one
could easily miss it. Its privacy makes it appealing to honeymooners or even friends who want
to spend some quiet time together.
Another attraction is the Soda Pool where tourists enjoy to swim. It is called as such because
they say that the water is sweet, and is comparable to that of Fuji Waters in Japan.

Golf enthusiasts enjoy a short nine-hole course in a hidden forest environment. There is also a
putting green, mini golf course and a driving range in the premises.

Fun fact
In 1977, world-renowned director, Francis Ford Coppola, shot some scenes in Hidden Valley
Spring for the movie, “Apocalypse Now.” Coppola was mesmerized by its natural beauty that he
and his wife stayed there for six months.