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Information about Lakawon Island

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Lakawon Island

Aerial view of Lakawon Island

Lakawon Island is a 16-hectare island that was previously a fishermen’s village and into a resort. Set in the island of Lakawon, located 48 kilometers north of Bacolod City, the former village was devastated by the typhoon Yolanda in 2013 and the residents were relocated to Cadiz. Following the typhoon, the island was further developed into a resort, giving multiple job opportunities to the residents that were relocated. 


The Resort

The beaches of Lakawon is said to rival Boracay with its cream-colored sand and clear waters while offering a scenic backdrop of Iloilo’s Gigantes group of islands. The island holds a resort equipped with modern equipment and also has cottages for rent available. These cottages can be rented for day trips and they are facing the beach so it’s the best place for visitors to enjoy the beach or get a tan. There is also a floating cottage at sea available for rent. This cottage is not available for overnight rental however as it is not recommended to spend the night at sea due to the waves.


Tawhai Floating Bar

One of the spots that brought fame to the resort is the Tawhai Floating Bar, which is the largest floating bar in Asia. In order to get to the bar, visitors must ride a boat to disembark, which is included in the flat fee to use the bar. The word “Tawhai” in the local dialect means “relaxed”, which is essentially what visitors intend to experience while on the floating bar. For those looking for a more exciting experience, an activity called Lakabash (Human Launcher) which will launch visitors into the sea is available. 


What to Do

Visitors are free to rent sports gear such as kayaks, paddle boards, and snorkels for a fee in order to do water activities. Certain areas of Lakawon Island have a variety of corals and reefs, making it a good place to swim. Visitors can usually be seen playing beach volleyball or free diving around the area.