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Information about Lubao Bamboo Hub

146 Google reviews
Eco Parks
Lubao Bamboo Hub, Sasmuan, Pampanga, Philippines
Opening Hours
08:00 - 17:00
Distance From City Center
3.1 km
Family Friendly
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Lubao Bamboo Hub and Eco-Park

Lubao Bamboo HubPhoto by Bamboo Hub Lubao

The Lubao Bamboo Hub is an eco-tourism destination located by the riverbank of Sta. Catalina in Lubao, Pampanga. The bamboo hub serves as both a protective shield against threats of soil erosion and a tourist destination. It has been open to visitors since 2017. Aside from serving as a disaster response, the bamboo was also eyed to be used as an alternative to commercial lumber.
The project's objective was to create a sustainable livelihood program for farmers and the community's families by turning bamboo into different products. To further promote the wonders and uses of bamboo, the six-hectare property along the riverbank was developed into an eco-tourism destination. Managed by the Lubao Municipal Government, the Lubao Bamboo Hub and Eco-Park attracts around 600 visitors every weekend. 
With its bending bamboo culms forming a canopy, resembling an enchanting forest overhead, the Lubao Bamboo Hub is a relaxing tourist destination for people who want to relax and take a stroll. Visitors can rent a bike to roam around the park. There's also a fish spa, good for the removal of dead skin and calluses. Tourists can also rent a kayak or boat where they can enjoy a relaxing ride along Gumain river.


Best time to visit

It's best to visit the Lubao Bamboo Hub in the afternoon, around 3 to 5 PM, when the sun isn't too high. The hub is open to visitors daily from 8 AM to 5 PM.