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Information about Malbato Chapel

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Religious Sites
Malbato Chapel, Coron - Busuanga Road, Coron, Palawan, Philippines
Distance From City Center
10.5 km
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Malbato Chapel

Malbato Chapel in Coron Palawan

​Malbato Chapel is located on top of a hill in Sitio Malbato in Coron. It offers panoramic views of the sea. A short trek up some stairs is required to get to the chapel. It is also known as St Vincent Ferrer Chapel. It is seldom crowded so one can get a private respite in the chapel.

The Reyes Family who owns Kubo sa Dagat, a private home in the middle of Malbato Bay, Coron, erected this chapel for the residents of Malbato. The intricate structure of the chapel is a mosaic of different-sized stones and seashells, which compliments the island, being a famous place for nature and beaches. Locally produced materials were used in the chapel’s altar, signifying the rich resources and culture of the area.


How to get there

As Malbato Chapel is quite a long drive from Coron Town proper, it is usually done as a day trip coupled with Calauit Safari, Peminta Falls, or Concepcion Falls. You may opt to join a guided tour or rent a private car/van to this chapel.


Best time to visit

This is an all-year round destination which can be visited anytime.

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