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Information about Manila Bay

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Manila Bay

Manila Bay, being a facility for business and trade between the Philippines and other foreign
countries, also serves as an area for recreation in Metro Manila, a popular location for seaside
walks and sunset viewing.

Manila Bay was previously connected to Laguna de Bay. However, the recurring episodes of
movements along the Marikina Valley Fault caused its separation.
Even before the Spaniards came to the country, Manila bay was already utilized as a port for
trade between the residents of Manila and its neighboring countries, including the merchants
from China, Java and Sumatra. It was made a trading point because of its strategic location.
The bay also became more popular for the battles that occurred in its waters, like the battles
Manila Bay and La Naval De Manila. The Battle of Manila Bay, between Spain and America
lasted for over 200 years and ended later on May 1 1898. It only took two hours for the
Americans to defeat the Spanish ships, led by Commodore George Dewey. This event
showcased United States’ naval superiority, and made way for the US to occupy Manila.
Years after, the liberation of Manila from the Japanese also occurred in Manila Bay at the end of
World War II.

What to Do in Manila Bay
The Manila Bay is a 2 kilometer long coastline that runs along Roxas Boulevard, the pedestal of
some famous attractions like the Manila Yacht Club and the Cultural Center of the Philippines.
The sidewalk is popular for its scenic view of the bay waters, and its golden skies during the
sunset. Aside from walking and viewing activities, the baywalk also offers different outdoor
foods spots, coffee shops, and bars with live bands. Cruises are also available during the night,
an activity that will let you experience a sail on the bay as you see Manila's night lights come to