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Bantayan Island

Though being flocked my both locals and tourists, Bantayan Island has been able to maintain its
serenity and simplicity. The island is known for its turquoise waters and white sand beaches
with lots of coconut palm trees. It also has a small sand bar (Kota Beach Sand Bar) that is just a
few meters away from the shore. Bantayan Island has a few smaller islands nearby which are
commonly packaged for island hopping tours. These islands have beautiful and peaceful
beaches as well but are known to have unique offerings, too. Virgin Island (Silion Island) is
popular for enjoying barbecue by the beach, Hilantagaan is known as a fishing village and
Kinatarkan is the most secluded and untouched island.

Egg Basket
Bantayan Island has three municipalities - Bantayan, Santa Fe and Madridejos. Bantayan and
Santa Fe are the towns where most developments and resort businesses are situated while
Madridejos is the most laid-back town among the three. Collectively, these towns are generally
known as the "Egg Basket" as they supply the neighboring cities and regions (Cebu, Manila, Negros, Leyte, Panay, Mindanao) with eggs and chickens. The business is being sustained by big poultry farms and barns in the island.

Town Proper
While the beach is the go-to place in Bantayan Island, the town proper is something worth
visiting also. There's Ogtong Cave in Santa Fe that is a small cave with a natural pool inside for
dipping. Madridejos has Kota Park which was initially a fort built by the Spanish forces in 1700s
and is now transformed into a park. In Bantayan, Sts. Peter and Paul Church and OMAGIECA
(Obo-ob Mangrove Garden Integrated Ecotourism and Conservation Association). Sts. Peter and
Paul Church was built in 1580 and is the oldest church in the Visayas and Mindanao islands.
OMAGIECA offers a refreshing stroll and kayak experience inside the mangrove forest.