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Information about Pagsanjan Falls

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Pagsanjan Falls


Pagsanjan Falls is a renowned Laguna tourist destination and one of the country's most iconic waterfalls. Magdapio Falls was the original name.

Pagsanjan Falls is a large and strong waterfall that stands over 300 feet tall (9.44 meters). It has three levels and a large water basin. Pagsanjan, like the other waterfalls on this list, is surrounded by granite boulders and lush greenery, with mountains in the background.

There are two methods to get to the waterfall's base. The first route begins at Cavinti Town. This path is more difficult since it includes some trekking and rappelling. The second option is more popular among travelers. This route entails a banca (local canoe) trip with the boatman taking you around the waterfalls' base.

Book the "Shooting the Rapids" excursion if you're feeling daring. This rafting adventure entails rapidly dropping downstream and entering a cave just past the foot of the waterfalls.


How to get there

The actual Pagsanjan Falls may be found near Cavinti. If you want to go on a boat excursion, though, you must go to Pagsanjan. In town, there is a tourism bureau that provides information about boat cruises. You may also book a Pagsanjan Falls tour package in advance for a stress-free journey.


Best time to visit

Visit during the summer months of March to June to avoid rainy season.