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Information about Puerto Galera


Puerto Galera


Puerto Galera is one of the easier to reach beaches from Metro Manila and is a favorite among local travelers in particular. It is located on the island of Oriental Mindoro.

One of the three Philippine locations designated by UNESCO as a Man and Biosphere Reserve in 1973 is Puerto Galera; the other two are Palawan and Albay. 

In addition to having white beaches, it is a well-known diving location with valuable marine life. For leisure and relaxation, there are a ton of resorts around that can accommodate any budget.


Best time to visit

Visit Puerto Galera during off-peak season, from the months of December to April.


Weather in Puerto Galera

The climate is consistently warm throughout the year. 33°C is the highest daytime temperature. Despite being the wettest, July and August still have warm temperatures.


Peak Season in Puerto Galera

Dry season in Puerto Galera is from the months of December to May. October is a busy month in Puerto Galera City because this is when the famous MassKara Festival is celebrated annually.


Main festival/events in Puerto Galera

Malasimbo Festival satisfies the public's enthusiasm for engaging with the environment, experiencing indigenous culture, and appreciating music and the arts.


How to get to Puerto Galera

Manila serves as the principal point of departure for trips to Puerto Galera. From Manila, it only takes 3–4 hours to get there. Either take a bus or a private vehicle to Batangas Pier first, then a ferry or RoRo to the port, or take a seaplane directly there.


Safety in Puerto Galera

Always follow the rules when it comes to COVID-19 to avoid health issues and infections. Always wash your hands well and use a mask. Due to its high population density, the province of Puerto Galera is frequently busy, especially on the weekends. Keep your possessions close by, and always be aware of your surroundings.


Getting around Puerto Galera

There are additional costs upon entry at Puerto Galera as well as an environmental fee once you reach the Batangas pier. There will be an additional exit fee at the port leading to the Batangas pier when you depart. Leaving the dock, you can now take a jeepney, tricycle, or a private car or van to get around.


Food and Drinks

In addition to the locals who live here, Puerto Galera has become a popular beach and diving destination for travelers from abroad. Therefore, it is not strange that the restaurants in this area serve a wide range of cuisine, from Italian to Filipino. 

Don't pass up the chance to eat at seaside establishments serving grilled fish, squid, shrimp, and other seafood since it is so readily available here.


Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Puerto Galera

Travelers can explore and stay in a variety of coastal areas in Puerto Galera, but these three are the most well-known: White Beach, Sabang Beach, and Aninuan Beach.


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