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Tagaytay is widely known in the Philippines for its mild climate. Even locals frequent Tagaytay City because it is just a few hours away from the country’s main business districts. The city sits on a ridge overlooking the Taal, Batangas which features a good view of the iconic Taal Lake and Volcano.


Tagaytay as a Foodie Destination

A visit to Tagaytay is not complete without trying their gastronomic specialties. Bulalo (beef marrow soup) is offered by almost every restaurant along the city’s main highway. It is a clear soup made by boiling beef shanks and bone marrow for hours. Vegetables like cabbage, pechay and corn are added to bring out more flavor. The hot dish is perfect for the cold climate of Tagaytay. Fried sardinella tawilis or freshwater sardine is a popular dish here because the fish is found exclusively in the freshwaters of Taal Lake. Other known delicacies in Tagaytay are carabao milk, buko or coconut pies and tarts and tapang kabayo (cured horse meat). Tagaytay is also a frequented breakfast or brunch destination specifically Bag of Beans, Balay Dako and Breakfast at Antonio’s.


Tagaytay as a Family-Friendly Destination

Given its proximity to Manila, Tagaytay has become a go-to location of many family and friend weekend trips. Picnic Grove is a favorite spot for picnics, horseback riding, eco trail and zip line. People’s Park in the Sky, previously called Palace in the Sky, is the highest point of the city and a park thats shows a beautiful, panoramic view of Tagaytay. It also houses the picturesque Shrine of Our Lady, Mother of Fair Love.


Tagaytay as a Religious Destination

There are a lot of chapels, churches and retreat houses in Tagaytay - making it a good place to start your spiritual journey. Among these, Tierra de Maria and Pink Sisters Convent are the most visited locations.