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Information about The Vintage Glasses Museum

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THE VINTAGE GLASSES MUSEUM, Lopez Jaena Street, Brgy, Bacolod, Negros Occidental, Philippines
Distance From City Center
2.2 km
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The Vintage Glasses Museum

The Vintage Glasses Museum in Bacolod

Known for their vintage glassware, the Vintage Glasses Museum is owned by Tomas Claridad Casiano, also known as Tomiko, who is a famous floral designer from Beverly Hills, California. The collection inside the museum took him a total of twenty years to gather around 90% of the displays. He calls the museum “Laguerta”, which is an old slang from the Spanish word “huerta” meaning garden market. 


Depression Glasses

Most of the collections on display are depression glasses in all sorts of shapes and colors. These glasses range from decanters, dinnerware, all the way to Victorian lamps. Depression glasses are clear or colored translucent glass which was distributed widely at low cost and sometimes free in the United States and Canada during the Great Depression (1904-1940). In order to produce more sales during the great depression, companies would often bundle a piece of glassware as an incentive to buy their products. These glasses were made in the Ohio River Valley due to the low price of raw materials and manpower, making it inexpensive to produce these glasswares. Since the 1960s, depression glasses have become popular with collectors as the production of these items went down. Rare pieces can go for several hundred dollars. 

Common colors of the glasses are clear, amber, pale blue, green, and pink. The rarer colors such as yellow, jadeite, ultramarine, cobalt blue, black, white, and amethyst are also displayed in the museum. 


The Museum

The museum houses over 2,000 pieces on display. The vintage design of the museum offers a nod to the past. One of the unique pieces that the museum has is a depression glass with a mix of color and transparent glass, which can no longer be reproduced in modern times. The second floor of the museum contains a balcony with water cascading down to the bottom floor, which offers a backdrop for shows and presentations.