Where to Eat in Siargao Island: 12 Best Restaurants & Must-Try Food

Where to Eat in Siargao Island: 12 Best Restaurants & Must-Try Food

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White Banana Beach Club and Shaka Siargao

Photos by White Banana Beach Club Bar & Restaurant and Shaka Siargao

Siargao, a foremost tropical island destination situated off the northeastern side of Mindanao, is best known for its world-class surf sites and laid-back island vibe. It's one of the top destinations to include in your Philippine travel packages itinerary. Widely regarded as the Surfing Capital of the Philippines, it is also a great vacation spot because of Siargao tourist spots surrounded by clear blue waters, fine white sand, and tall coconut trees. There are also plenty of Siargao resorts that can fit any budget. For the best experience, booking Siargao beachfront resorts is a must.

Siargao is also a food lover’s haven packed with local and international restaurants, with many of the best located in the General Luna area. Vegan food, Siargao delicacies, fusion cuisine, and authentic Asian dishes - all these, and more, can be found in this thriving surf town.

Here are some of our highly recommended Siargao restaurants and cafes that you should visit during your trip to the island or after a fun-filled day of Siargao tours

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12. Warung Siargao

Dishes served at Warung Siargao

Photo by Siargao Island Villas

Warung Siargao is a Southeast Asian restaurant located inside Siargao Island Villas, along the Tourism Road in General Luna. They serve authentic Indonesian fare and traditional snacks found on the streets of Indonesia. Their must-try dish is the Nasi Bugkus, a rice platter with spicy beef rendang stewed in coconut milk, a vegetable side dish, chicken curry, and hard-boiled egg. It comes in highly recommended because it merges unique Indonesian flavors in a single plate.

Another crowd favorite is the Laksa, a coconut-based spicy soup with noodles and seafood broth. It is best paired with a watermelon shake to counter the soup’s spiciness and refresh the palate. Aside from Indonesian dishes, Warung also serves the Filipino breakfast staple Tapsilog, a hearty dish of marinated beef slices with rice and eggs. They have American standards like cereals and pancakes, while bestselling desserts include Pandan-rolled crepes and Kakak’s Kue Klepon (sweet glutinous rice balls).

11. White Banana Beach Club Bar & Restaurant

Dishes served at White Banana Beach Club Bar & Restaurant

Photo by White Banana Beach Club Bar & Restaurant

Known for their lively sunset sessions that feature live music and refreshing cocktails, the White Banana Beach Club is a popular beachfront bar located along Tuason Road in General Luna. It has a restaurant with a pescatarian menu, which means they don’t serve pork, chicken, beef, or any meat except for some fish varieties. As a restaurant that practices ecological sustainability, they strive to keep plastic ware or disposable items at a minimum. 

White Banana Beach Club Bar & Restaurant's exterior

Photo by White Banana Beach Club Bar & Restaurant

This eco-friendly philosophy extends to their menu: their dishes use fresh, local ingredients that don’t need any MSG or other artificial flavor boosters. Their all-day breakfast menu includes flavorful and healthy meals like the Spirulina smoothie, White Banana Mango Muesli, and Shakshuka eggs. Some of their must-try dishes include pan-seared mahi-mahi oregano, spaghetti al’a Contadina, avocado teriyaki rice bowl, and tuna tataki platter. 

10. Harana Surf Restaurant

Harana Surf Restaurant's bangsilog

Photo by Harana Surf Restaurant

The next time you go on a vacation in the Philippines, have an authentic local meal in a great restaurant like Harana Surf. Named after a Filipino word that means serenade, this is the in-house restaurant of the Harana Surf Resort located along with the famous surf break, Tuason Point.

They specialize in serving Filipino fusion food with a twist. A case in point is the Harana Halo-Halo, the quintessential island dessert that means ‘to mix’. Their version uses seasonal fruits in a bed of iced watermelon topped with ube or yam and served inside a fresh coconut - a healthier take of the sugary treat.

Harana Surf Restaurant's interior

Photo by Harana Surf Restaurant

The house favorite is the Bangsilog Rasta Silog, a rice meal with sun-dried fish, eggs, and a fruit slice. Other must-try meals include their vegetable meals and local specialties such as Rendang Mindanao, a beef brisket marinated in local spices and served on a sizzling platter.

9. Mad Monkey Kitchen

Dishes served at Mad Monkey Kitchen

Photo by Mad Monkey Kitchen

Located in Catangnan, General Luna, Mad Monkey Kitchen is the in-house restaurant of this popular Siargao backpacker’s hostel with the same name. Their tiki-themed bar is famous for its refreshing fruit shakes and cocktails that include espresso martinis, long island iced teas, classic mojitos, and watermelon daiquiri. These drinks are the perfect antidote to cool off under the hot midday tropical heat.

Mad Monkey Kitchen's interior

Photo by Mad Monkey Kitchen

Their menu consists of bar chow, snacks, and crowd favorites such as pizza, pasta, burgers, fries, and chicken wings. Their nachos and smoothie bowls are crowd favorites, along with local rice meals like tapsilog (marinated beef strips with rice and eggs). Aside from the delicious meals they serve, the resort is known for putting together fun events like karaoke nights and pool parties.



8. Viento del Mar Siargao Restaurant

Viento Del Mar Siargao Restaurant's amaretto sour

Photo by Viento Del Mar Siargao

Viento del Mar Siargao Restaurant in Poblacion, General Luna is in a boutique resort with a kiteboarding and surfing school. Their bar and restaurant serve delicious alcohol-laced beverages like gin and tonic and amaretto sour, as well as the usual beachside grub like barbecues or grilled pork and seafood, salads, buffalo chicken wings, burgers, fries, and sandwiches.

All of these dishes go well with an ice-cold bottle of beer or wine from their well-stocked cellar. Don’t forget to sample these must-try specials that are available for a limited time: Texas chili beef, beef bourguignon, and blackened Mahi-mahi with mango salsa and mashed potato.

7. Kalinaw Resort Restaurant

Kalinaw Resort Restaurant's pizza

Photo by Kalinaw Resort

Tucked in an airy space facing a lagoon, Kalinaw Resort Restaurant in General Luna offers a fusion of Filipino and South European cuisine cooked with an unmistakable French flair. They take pride in using only the best ingredients, while their seafood consists of the freshest catch of the day. Known for their delicious thin-crust pizzas, each one comes out hot from an authentic wood fire oven from Italy. 

Kalinaw Resort Restaurant's beach tables

Photo by Kalinaw Resort

They bake their own French bread in-house, which is best paired with their extensive selection of fine wines coming from various French regions that include Alsace, Bordeaux, and Champagne. Aside from their excellent pizzas, some of the must-try dishes are the Fish Carpaccio, Truffle Pasta, and refreshing juices and beverages. 

6. La Carinderia

La Carinderia's spaghetti calamari

Photo by La Carinderia

Another must-try Siargao eatery in General Luna is La Carinderia, an open-air restaurant along Tourism Road that serves Filipino-Italian comfort food. This casual dining establishment offers a homey ambiance that makes guests feel right at home while eating Italian fusion cuisine with a local twist. 

They are known for delicious vegetarian favorites such as Pumpkin Polpetta, their version of a pumpkin croquette, and the Panzerotto, a fried mini folded pizza dish famous in southern Italy. Familiar Italian staples like Mamma’s Lasagna and Carbonara are crowd favorites and cooked using traditional family recipes and handmade pasta. 

They offer three types of fried rice made of vegetable, chicken, and shrimp, all of which are go-to comfort meals for Filipinos hankering for this quintessential Asian staple. Other seafood favorites include their tuna sisig, a sizzling plate of marinated tuna bites, and the tuna carpaccio, made with Italian extra virgin olive oil. 

5. Kawayan Siargao

Kawayan Siargao

Photo by Kawayan Siargao

Kawayan Siargao is a premier resort known for its luxurious private villas and fine dining restaurant. This beachfront property in General Luna is just a stone’s throw away from Siargao’s famous surf break, Cloud 9. 

Kawayan Siargao's interior

Photo by Kawayan Siargao

The restaurant specializes in fresh seafood such as their tropical ceviche made of fresh tuna, French-style tuna tartar, and seafood pasta with prawns and calamari (fried squid). They also serve delicious Japanese-inspired dishes, with set meals that are usually available during the holiday season.

Visit their bakery and try their pastries and delicious baked goodies such as chocolate eclairs, banana cream pies, french baguettes, and croissants. All are displayed inside glass shelves so you can pick and choose what you want. 



4. Shaka Cafes Siargao

Shaka Siargao's smoothie bowl

Photo by Shaka Cafes

Shaka Cafes Siargao is a vegetarian cafe that serves tasty, clean-tasting food made from locally sourced organic produce. The place is best known for its innovative smoothie bowls, fresh juices, coffee beverages, and a wide variety of loose-leaf teas. Located in Cloud 9 along Tourism Road in General Luna, Shaka Cafes Siargao is a popular hang-out place where surfers and visitors stop for a refreshing drink or smoothie bowl while enjoying the laid-back beach atmosphere. 

Shaka Siargao's exterior

Photo by Shaka Cafes

The cafe practices environmental sustainability when serving its customers by using plastic alternatives like bamboo straws or wooden baskets whenever possible. Smoothie bowls consist of fresh fruits and homemade granola, and house favorites include the Super Bowl, a fruit medley with yogurt, Cloud 9 Kook, an energy booster made of banana, peanut butter, cacao, and coconut milk. Other favorites include fresh-pressed juice like John Lemon or Flu Fighter, Island Dream smoothie, Cafe Latte, and Flat White. 

3. Bravo Restaurant

Bravo Restaurant's seafood paella

Photo by Bravo Beach Resort Siargao

Bravo Restaurant is the in-house diner of Bravo Beach Resort in Siargao located at a beachfront along Tourism Road in General Luna. This restaurant serves authentic Spanish food and international dishes prepared by a professional chef trained in traditional Basque cuisine.

Bravo Restaurant

Photo by Bravo Beach Resort Siargao

The house specialty is the seafood Paella, a rice dish topped with prawns and crab, along with the Taco Poblano. Another favorite is their Tapas, small plates which consist of Calamares (squid), Boquerones (anchovies, and Ensaladilla (potato salad) and are perfect when paired with either a cold bottle of beer or house cocktail. Aside from gluten-free and vegetarian alternatives, their sandwiches are from bread made fresh in-house.

The next time you go on a vacation in the Philippines, join any of the Philippine travel packages or Siargao Tours and stay for a few nights at Bravo Beach Resort. 

2. Lamari Bar & Restaurant

Lamari Bar & Restaurant's angus beef burger

Photo by Lamari Bar & Restaurant

Known for its laid-back atmosphere and understated luxury, this bar and restaurant in General Luna is located inside Lamari Resort. It offers an elevated island experience with its well-stocked bar and well-plated dishes. They serve local and international dishes using only premium ingredients and fresh seafood such as Mahi-mahi with Pumpkin Chorizo Risotto, Confit Duck Leg, Butcher’s Steak, and Callos (tomato meat stew). 

Lamari Bar & Restaurant

Photo by Lamari Bar & Restaurant

Breakfast favorites include pancakes, waffles, and healthy smoothie bowls like the mango and banana puree with granola, tropical fruits, and chia seeds. Also available are local fried rice and egg stapes that are best paired with a choice of tapa (marinated beef strips), chorizo (pork sausage), or danggit (dried fish). Carnivores will enjoy the Angus Beef Burger, made special with caramelized onions, Emmental cheese, and homemade sesame Brioche bun, while vegetarian fare like the restaurant’s Cauliflower pasta is perfect for non-meat eaters. 

1. Kermit Siargao Surf Hotel & Restaurant

Kermit Siargao Surf Hotel & Restaurant's pizzas and pasta

Photo by Kermit Surf Resort and Restaurant Siargao

Kermit Siargao is a popular resort in General Luna that is best exemplifies the laid back at this surf enthusiast’s paradise island. It is located 200 meters from a place called Cemetery, a local surf spot for intermediate surfers, while the more famous Cloud 9 is 2KM away. This resort is one of the most sought-after Siargao hotels by tourists looking for accommodations while on vacation in the Philippines. Aside from its popular in-house restaurant, Kermit Siargao also has one of the best surf schools on the island,

Kermit Siargao Surf Hotel & Restaurant

Photo by Kermit Surf Resort and Restaurant Siargao

They are best known for their brick oven pizza, made entirely from scratch using the freshest local ingredients and cooked in a brick oven imported from Italy. Kermit Restaurant also serves fresh homemade pasta that is reputed to be some of the best in the country, offering familiar Italian sauces like Pomodoro, Carbonara, and Puttanesca. Other dishes include appetizers, salads, beverages, and local favorites. 

Explore the Best Restaurants of Siargao

Aerial view of Siargao Island's shore

Siargao is the embodiment of a beach-loving, health-conscious lifestyle. This surf town has fresh sea air, lots of sunshine, and pristine waters with perfect surfing conditions. Surf enthusiasts flock to this little piece of paradise from all over the world not only to catch the perfect wave but to experience a friendly atmosphere as well. 

International and local travelers have set up restaurants around the General Luna area, and they bring a variety of flavors along with them. Whether you’re craving authentic Indonesian dishes, healthy smoothies, local rice pairings, or Italian pizza, you’re bound to find it in Siargao.  



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