15 Best Tropical Bali-Like Resorts in the Philippines: Near Manila, Siargao, Cebu, Bohol

15 Best Tropical Bali-Like Resorts in the Philippines: Near Manila, Siargao, Cebu, Bohol

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A hut in The Forest Camp Resort and a swing in Nay Palad Hideaway

Photos by The Forest Camp Resort/Nay Palad Hideaway

Bali is a go-to spot for travelers wanting to escape to idyllic beaches and breathtaking backdrops with majestic temples overlooking the sea. It is nestled in the tropical island paradise of Indonesia and is one of the internationally acclaimed destinations in Southeast Asia. 

The Philippines, another famous destination because of its pristine beaches and islands, also have tropical beach resorts near Manila and in island destinations like Cebu and Siargao that have a striking resemblance to those found in Bali. You no longer need to leave the country since there are plenty of stunning resorts in the Philippines where you can experience the world-renowned laid-back vibe of Bali.

Also known as the Land of Gods, Bali attracts many tourists because of its natural beauty. Similarly, the Bali-like resorts in the Philippines are equally captivating and appealing to travelers. While private villas have a luxurious vibe, the lush greenery surrounding these Bali-inspired resorts makes you feel closer to nature.

Here are some of the best resorts in the Philippines that look and will make you feel like you're in Bali that you should visit for your next tropical getaway:

15. San Rafael River Adventure (Bulacan)

A room in San Rafael River Adventure

Photo by San Rafael River Adventure

Featuring glass-built cabins and glamping cottages, San Rafael River Adventure is a Bali-style resort in the Philippines situated by the side of the Angat River in Bulacan province, dubbed as the Land of the Heroes. It is nestled within botanical gardens overlooking the scenic views of the river and the surrounding greenery, making it a great spot for a Bulacan getaway.

Inside this Bali-inspired resort near Manila, you will experience luxurious living at its finest. Famous for its stilt cabin cottages, this riverside accommodation features notable elegance and comfort. It even comes with an indoor jacuzzi and a mini bubble pool, which is separate from the resort’s infinity pool.

Whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxation, San Rafael River Adventure offers various activities and exceptional amenities. You can rent a paddleboard, kayak, or jet ski to navigate the resort’s own river safari. For more thrill, you can also drive an ATV within the resort complex. Check out other Bulacan tourist spots that you can explore during your visit here. 

14. Acuatico Beach Resort (Batangas)

Villas in Acuatico Beach Resort

Photo by Acuatico Beach Resort

Up next is a Bali-inspired resort in Laiya, the Acuatico Beach Resort. It is an exclusive accommodation that features rooms with Balinese designs and is one of the best beach resorts in Batangas. Acuatico Beach Resort is majestically set in Batangas, home to the famous Taal Volcano. It is also set on the long stretch of white-sand beach in Laiya, one of the famous beaches near Manila.

Elegant rooms at the Main Wing come in different types: Alta Vista, Casa de Playa, Estancia, Casita, Terraza, and Vista de Laiya. Those who are dreaming to experience beachfront living can stay in the resort’s villas with a private garden and infinity pool overlooking the sea.

The La Prima Rooms offer intimate privacy, especially for couples and newlyweds. It boasts expansive rooms with a pool view. Each room comes with a private balcony and jacuzzi.

Acuatico Beach Resort also serves local and international dishes at its all-day dining restaurant, the Oceano. Guests can also drink handcrafted cocktails and other refreshments at the Azul Bar & Cafe. You can also dine by the side of the pool at the Intimo Breakfast Lounge. At night, you can experience intimate outdoor dining at the Intimo Bar.


13. The Farm at San Benito (Batangas)

A villa in The Farm at San Benito

Photo by The Farm at San Benito

Similar to the tropical paradise of Bali, The Farm at San Benito is a popular retreat destination for local celebrities and those who like to unwind in a lush garden setting and has become one of the best places to visit in Batangas. This award-winning property is one of the best spa and wellness resorts in the Philippines and one of the best resorts in Batangas.  It features luxurious suites and villas with elegant amenities.

With over 12 types of accommodation, The Farm at San Benito lets you have a rejuvenating and pampering experience. One of its Bali-like accommodations is the Sulu Terraces, modeled after the Philippine rice barns with wood-beamed ceilings and thatched roofs. This cozy modern-day treehouse has an adjacent bathroom and sitting area downstairs.

Overlooking the Malaraya mountain range, the Master Villa is an exceptional energy healing spot with a private outdoor pool. Guests can also request in-villa massage services. Some of the villas at The Farm also have spacious lanais, koi ponds, and outdoor covered terraces.

Make the most of your stay at The Farm by participating in Health Optimization Programs and Mindful Movements, including Mandala Meditation and Nature Walks. Healthy vegan breakfast and immune-boosting juice are also served at the resort.

12. Balesin Island Club - Bali (Quezon)

Bali villas in Balesin Island Club

Photo by Balesin Island Club

Balesin Island Club is an exclusive beach resort set off the eastern coast of Luzon in Quezon Province. It stretches over 500 hectares of land with 7.3km of majestic white-sand beaches in Quezon, a province in the Calabarzon region named after the Philippines’ first freely-elected president Manuel L. Quezon.

Balesin Island Club, one of the best resorts in Quezon Province, offers villas with designs that are mostly patterned after some of the world-famous destinations, including the island paradise of Bali. Here you can feel like you're staying in Bali in the Philippines! Featuring a wellness facility and the main clubhouse, the resort has seven villages: Balesin, Bali, Phuket, Mykonos, St. Tropez, Costa del Sol, and Toscana. 

Each village serves authentic specialty cuisines. As for the Bali Village, it features three restaurants, including the Bali Warung, Sanur and Ubud Private Dining Rooms, and the Nusa Dua Bar Korean Restaurant.

The 14-suite Balesin Royal Villa overlooks the Lamon Bay and the Sierra Madre Mountain Range. Guests can take a dip into its 30-meter long black pool, the first of its kind here in the Philippines. You can also try the Balesin Signature Massage and detoxify at the sauna. 

11. Donatela Resort and Sanctuary (Bohol)

A villa in Donatella Resort and Sanctuary

Photo by Donatela Resort and Sanctuary

Donatela Resort and Sanctuary is another relaxing resort inspired by Bali architecture, making it one of the beautiful places to visit in Bohol. It is situated on the pristine white-sand beach of Panglao in Bohol, an island province in Central Visayas that is home to the famous geological formations called Chocolate Hills. This 7.5-hectare private enclave and one of the best resorts in Bohol features luxurious villas with their own garden, balcony, and private pool.

Set amidst a botanical garden, the resort has a calm and serene atmosphere perfect for guests seeking unparalleled comfort and relaxation. What makes each villa distinct from any other accommodation is its traditional Tribal Ifugao designs and mahogany louvers. Carved out of the cliff walls is a Corniche Terrace with a pathway leading to a tiny private cove.

Guests may opt to have an al fresco dining at the veranda or inside their rooms overlooking the sea. You can also indulge at the all-day dining restaurant, the Paprika. Then, have a cold iced beer or handcrafted cocktails at Tropika, the resort’s outdoor bar by the poolside. You may also pamper yourself at the Spa Village


10. Treehouse de Valentine (Cebu)

Exterior of Treehouse de Valentine

Photo by Treehouse de Valentine

Secluded at the heart of a rainforest, Treehouse de Valentine is one of those rustic-themed treehouse resorts with a wooden cabin on a tree and is one of the most unique resorts in Cebu. It fronts the clear blue-green waters of a river in the town of Bamban in the island province of Cebu. The treehouse is a 3-bedroom abode with a balcony, wooden bathtub, living room, and kitchen.

Savor the cool breeze and gaze over the serene forest backdrop as you visit one of the beautiful places to visit in Cebu. The resort has even a riverside patio with two hammocks perfect for afternoon relaxation or early morning musings. Its homey guesthouse is all exclusive to families and groups with up to 8 persons.

To make the most of your stay, you can book Cebu tours to discover some of the hidden gems surrounding the property. You can try rock jumping before plunging straight into the river. Since the treehouse is set in an isolated yet serene location, it emanates a sense of calmness and tranquility in Bali.


9. Balai sa Baibai (Camiguin)

A villa in Balai sa Baibai

Photo by Balai sa Baibai

Coined from the Bisayan phrase which means ‘house by the beach’, Balai sa Baibai is a tranquil beachfront resort on the majestic island of Camiguin, home to seven volcanoes in Northern Mindanao. This cozy vacation home by the sea boasts a breathtaking view of the Bohol Sea and the famous White Island, which is only less than 2km away.

Balai sa Baibai features a total of 7 villas that are set amidst a Balinese-themed tropical garden with beautiful flowers and tall palm trees. Adding to the resort’s Bali vibe is a beachfront restaurant overlooking the garden and the main pool.

Cap off your day at the Sunset lounge while hovering over the green oasis and drinking cocktails on the bamboo sofas. Guests can also take a dip into the infinity pool with a live music background. After a long day, you can pamper yourself at the resort’s spa and wellness facility.

8. Indo Bali House Samal (Samal Island, Davao)

Interior of Indo Bali House Samal

Photo by Indo Bali House Samal

For a more laidback vibe, Indo Bali House Samal is a perfect getaway spot similar to Indonesia’s popular island paradise. This Bali-themed resort never fails to lure local and international travelers who want to experience the island’s charm. It is located on Samal Island, Davao del Norte, Mindanao, known as the Philippines’ largest resort city.

Indo Bali House Samal offers traditional hut cottages with a jacuzzi and a kawa bathtub. It is intricately designed with earthy colors, wild greenery, tropical foliage, and rich flora. Guests can relieve themselves from stress by requesting a luxury massage in the comfort of their villas. 

Since it is an all-inclusive vacation home exclusively for groups of up to 10 persons, you will enjoy having the whole place to yourself. Just like Bali, Samal Island is home to crystal clear waters and stunning beaches, including the powdery white sandbar of the vanishing island, which is only 500m away from the resort.

7. Highland Bali Villas Resort and Spa (Nueva Ecija)

Poolside of Highland Bali Villas Resort and Spa

Photo by Highland Bali Villas Resort and Spa

Dubbed as Bali of the North, Highland Bali Villas Resort and Spa features stylish wooden villas with interiors that are intricately carved by artisans from Pampanga. This hilltop Bali-inspired spa resort is nestled in Nueva Ecija, Central Luzon, known as the Rice Bowl of the Philippines.

All of its 50 suites are complete with first-class amenities, an in-house spa, and an outdoor hot tub with sweeping views of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range and Pantabangan Dam. Guests can take a dip into the infinity pool or may opt to spend the day riding a jet ski and a traditional bamboo raft. You can also try other watersports activities like kayaking and fly-fishing. 

Adding to its Balinese vibe is a picturesque nest likened to those in Ubud, Indonesia. There are also comfy lounge chairs and a floating hut by the lake where you can take plenty of photos. Afterward, you can pamper yourself with Hilot, Ventosa, Swedish, Thai, and Sports Massages at the lakeside resort’s spa.

6. Villa Jovita (Batangas)

A nest-like seat in Villa Jovita Resort

Photo by Villa Jovita Resort

Right at the heart of Agoncillo town in Batangas lies another Bali-themed resort, the Villa Jovita. This riverside accommodation is an emerging attraction located in the middle of rice fields and lush greenery, perfectly resembling Bali’s ambiance and topography.

Villa Jovita has nipa huts with a fan that can accommodate up to 10 persons. It also offers a couples room and a family room with air-conditioning and double beds. If you’re the adventurous type, you can stay in tents that can fit up to 4 persons.

What makes this Batangas resort look like Bali is its swing hanging by a tree and its huge nest where you can lounge and strike a pose. Aside from its Balinese corner, it also boasts a total of 5 natural pools with a slide. Fronting the river is the spring water swimming pool with tall bamboo trees behind that serve as picture-perfect backdrops.

5. The Forest Camp Resort (Negros Oriental)

A hut in The Forest Camp Resort

Photo by The Forest Camp Resort

Situated within 2.5 hectares of lush greenery, The Forest Camp Resort is a riverside Bali-inspired accommodation with 9 cold spring swimming pools and huge boulders to make it appear like natural lagoons. This laidback resort is nestled on a valley under a canopy of trees with a river passing through its landscape.

Offering 7 types of accommodation, The Forest Camp Resort can cater to couples, families, and groups of up to 15 persons. Apart from wooden cottages, it features hammock huts with a man-made jade lagoon. For campers and backpackers, the resort provides spacious tents that can fit up to 4 persons.

Guests will also find a hanging bridge over the swimming pools. For thrill-seekers, you can try their 90-meter zipline that crosses over the river. It has a 30ft climbing wall and a 25-meter skate bowl. At the Forest Camp Restaurant & Bar, guests can dine delicious Filipino meals.


4. Luljetta’s Hanging Garden Spa (Rizal)

Pool area at Luljetta’s Hanging Garden Spa

Photo by Luljetta’s Hanging Garden Spa/Danny Victoriano

Featuring breathtaking views of the Manila skyline and Laguna de Bay, Luljetta’s Hanging Garden Spa is beautifully set along the cliffside ridges of Antipolo City, the capital of Rizal province. One of the best resorts in Antipolo, it features over 7 types of accommodation, ranging from studio-type rooms to premium suites. It's perfect for those looking for a weekend getaway near Manila.

This first and only hanging gardens and spa in the Philippines has a sauna, heated jacuzzi, a hydro-massage pool, and infinity pools. Guests will have a relaxing day through the spa’s array of massage treatments and body scrubs. There are also two fish spas where doctor fishes will nibble dead skin cells from your tired feet.

Surrounded by shrubs and zen-like gardens, Luljetta’s Hanging Garden Spa has a paradise-like landscape that imitates Bali’s atmosphere and vibe. Apart from pampering facilities, it has a restaurant that serves sumptuous breakfast meals, coffee, frappe, and other refreshments. Conclude your day by having a romantic dinner at the resort’s menu cafe. Check out other Rizal tourist spots that you should visit during your vacation. 

3. Bulan Villas (Siargao)

Poolside of Bulan Villas

Photo by Bulan Villas

Set amidst tall coconut trees and rice paddies like those in Bali, Bulan Villas is a boutique bed and breakfast in General Luna, Siargao, known as the surfing capital of the Philippines. The tropical resort Bulan Villas, one of the best Siargao resorts, offers over 14 rooms spread among 4 villas. Guests will feel a lot closer to nature with its spacious private outdoor garden.

For backpackers, Bulan Villas has 8 fan rooms with a thatched nipa roof, wood floors, and walls. Meanwhile, the deluxe rooms have private balconies overlooking the pool area. Both fan rooms and air-conditioned rooms provide guests with swimming pool access.

Bulan Villas is located along the Tourism Road at the heart of General Luna. You can easily book a Siargao motorcycle rental to Cloud 9 and other popular attractions in Siargao. If you get hungry during your stay, you can swing by the resort’s restaurant and have a taste of its authentic Neopolitan pizza perfectly paired with Sicily wine. Check out some of the best Siargao tours and activities that you should try during your getaway. 

2. Nay Palad Hideaway (Siargao)

Aerial view of Nay Palad Hideaway

Photo by Nay Palad Hideaway

Experience barefoot luxury and set foot inside glass-walled villas on another world-class and all-inclusive resort in Siargao that will make you feel like you're in Bali: Nay Palad Hideaway. This 4-hectare property is home to 10 villas with 4 varying types. There are 4 Garden View Villas, 4 Ocean View Villas, 1 Coral Family Villa, and 1 Perlah Villa.

Nay Palad Siargao quotation request

All villas are equipped with luxurious amenities, including an aromatherapy burner with essential oils, a Nespresso coffee machine, an iPad, a sound system, and an outdoor terrace and lounge. Guests can also lounge on the powdery white sand beach, pool cabanas, and mangrove and sea pagodas.

Adding to its relaxing ambiance are its spa and wellness facility. At the Yoga Pavillion, guests can participate in daily yoga sessions while looking at panoramic sea views. While staying true to its commitment to sustainability, Nay Palad Hideaway serves sumptuous dishes freshly cooked with greens and herbs from its own organic farm.

Be one with nature and try some outdoor activities like surfing, kayaking, paddleboarding, snorkeling, hiking, and biking. To make the most of your staycation, you can pick a cozy spot by the pool and watch films projected between two coconut trees.

1. Cintai Corito’s Garden (Batangas)

A pavillion in Cintai Corito’s Garden

Photo by Cintai Corito’s Garden

Fronting a grand Balinese facade, Cintai Corito’s Garden is a 7-hectare tropical resort in Balete, Batangas with 4 swimming pools, relaxing cabanas, cottages, and a koi pond. This spacious Bali-like garden resort features 3 types of accommodation such as a terrace villa, a garden villa, and an executive villa. It's a great destination if you're looking for resorts near Manila since it's just 80KM away or 1.5 hours of land travel. 

Manicured gardens and Balinese-themed structures will welcome you as you pass through the resort’s intricately carved portal. Apart from being a hideout sanctuary, the garden resort is also a perfect events place for weddings, debuts, corporate meetings, and romantic dates. 

There is a corresponding venue available depending on how huge or intimate your event may be. You can choose from the Mini Pavilion, Warung Pavilion, Napas Pavilion, Napas Garden, Tresna Pavilion, and Open Garden Gazebo. The largest one is the Napas Pavilion, which can accommodate up to 90 persons.

Guests can also take advantage of the entertainment and recreational facilities at the resort, including a movie room, playground, and volleyball area. Cintai Corito’s Garden also boasts scenic attractions such as a mini forest, lagoon, bone bridge, and elephant statue. After a long day, you can relax and dine at the Abadi Restaurant and Elephant Bar.

Escape to These Bali-like Resorts in the Philippines

The Elephant portal in Cintai Corito's Garden

Photo by Cintai Corito's Garden

If you’ve been dreaming of flying to Bali’s beaches and flower gardens, worry no more because several accommodations in the Philippines including resorts near Manila resemble the world-famous island paradise. While these getaway spots have intimate villas, there are also hidden sanctuaries that boast scenic landscapes surrounded by mountains, rivers, and beautiful beaches in the Philippines.

Aside from mirroring the Balinese culture and design, these Bali-like resorts also embody the unique Filipino warmth and hospitality, which will make your stay more relaxing and enjoyable.

Whether you like to strike a pose amidst towering statues or lounge on bird’s nests, these best Bali-like resorts offer picturesque spots for travelers who want to take stunning photos. Start packing your bags and head to these Bali-inspired resorts in the Philippines!

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