11 Best Santorini-Like Resorts in the Philippines: Near Manila, Cebu, Palawan, Vigan

11 Best Santorini-Like Resorts in the Philippines: Near Manila, Cebu, Palawan, Vigan

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Aerial shot of Vitalis Villas and the Mykonos pool of Balesin Island Club

Photos by Vitalis Villas/Balesin Island Club

The Greek island of Santorini is on top of the bucket list of many travelers, and for good reason. Its whitewashed walls and blue doors and domes make for picturesque views, while its hilly terrain and location in the Aegean Sea make it the perfect spot to view stunning sunsets. 

You can get that similar vibe with Santorini-like resorts in the Philippines, which mirror the white and blue color scheme of the Greek island, as well as its romantic and relaxing atmosphere. You’ll even be pleasantly surprised to see that some resorts have the same hilly landscape and uneven steps, which will make you feel like you’re in Santorini even more.

There are many of these Santorini-inspired resorts in the Philippines, so it will be easy to find one that suits your travel needs. To help you narrow your choices down, we’ve put together this list of the best Santorini-like resorts in the Philippines.


11. La Bella Boutique Hotel (Tagaytay)

Facade of La Bella Boutique Hotel

Photo by La Bella Boutique Hotel

La Bella Boutique Hotel is located in Tagaytay, Cavite, a city that has a hilly terrain similar to that of Santorini. While it doesn’t sit on the Tagaytay ridge-like other more popular Tagaytay hotels, it does have beautiful whitewashed walls and blue accents. Coupled with the cool Tagaytay weather, the whole atmosphere will instantly make you feel like you’re in the Greek isles. 

You can stay at any of its studio rooms or its roomier suites, but if you’re traveling with a group and want to indulge, book the penthouse, which has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, and a living area. You will also have priority access to the Jacuzzi at the roof deck.

With its organic café, fitness center, spa, outdoor swimming pool, and library, you won’t have trouble filling your Tagaytay itinerary. You can even bring your pets and have them enjoy the La Bella pet park.

10. Issa’s Haven (Oslob, Cebu)

Pool area of Issa's Haven

Photos by Issa's Haven

Oslob, Cebu has become famous thanks to its whale sharks, but this coastal town has other things to offer, including a stay at this Cebu resort. Issa’s Haven is a small Santorini-inspired resort in Cebu that doubles as an events venue.

It has several room types, including a Single Room for solo travelers, Superior Villas for couples, and Barkada Rooms that can fit up to 4 people. All rooms have easy access to the swimming pool, which can be found right in the middle of the resort. Issa’s Haven also has a rooftop bar and restaurant where you can have all your meals. You won't have a boring Cebu itinerary during your stay here.

You’ll find many reminders of the Greek isle in this Santorini-style resort in the Philippines. Outside, everything is painted white, except for the blue doors, the blue lounge chairs, and the blue pool umbrellas. Inside the rooms and cabanas themselves, the white and blue theme can also be seen, so you’ll feel like you’re in Greece the minute you open your eyes. 

9. Arabella Villas (Laguna)

Poolside of Arabella Villas

Photo by Arabella Villas

Resorts in Laguna have been popular for those looking for a quick getaway from Metro Manila, mainly because of their proximity to the city and the privacy they offer. Arabella Villas, a Santorini resort in Laguna located in Sta. Cruz can provide you just that. They have several villas that have different themes, including one that is inspired by Santorini, which looks like, well, a mini Santorini in the Philippines.

The Santorini Villa can fit up to 15 people. Apart from its whitewashed walls and blue doors and windows, the villa’s outdoor pool area has uneven and curved walls and blue and white tiles that are reminiscent of the Greek island. 

Like all the other villas, it has its own swimming pool, air-conditioned bedrooms, and a kitchen with cooking utensils. You don’t have to fuss about cooking your own meals though, as you also have the option to have food prepared by the staff. It can be a quiet retreat if you want it to, but if you’re up for a more lively stay, you can use the billiard table and the videoke machine.

8. The Oia - Santorini of the South (Laguna)

Pool area of The Oia - Santorini of the South

Photo by The Oia - Santorini of the South

Named after the most famous village in Santorini, this private resort near Manila can fit up to 45 people and offers day tours, overnight, and full-day rates.

Even from the outside, this Santorini-inspired resort in Calamba, Laguna looks like it was lifted straight out of Santorini as the first thing you’ll notice are the three blue domes on its roof. Once you step inside, you’ll be greeted by even more elements that will remind you of the island as you’ll see whitewashed walls, blue accents, Greek-inspired tiles and mosaics, and paintings done in the style of the ancient Greeks. 

The Oia has 5 fully furnished rooms, an entertainment area with a DVD player and music system, an activity area with a videoke machine and an Xbox, and a kitchen area with cooking utensils and a griller. It also has its own natural spring swimming pool, as well as a roof deck with sofa sets and a view of Mt. Makiling.

7. Sundowners Vacation Villas (Pangasinan)

Poolside of Sundowners Vacation Villas Bolinao

Photo by Sundowners Vacation Villas Bolinao

Sundowners Vacation Villas is a Santorini-like resort located in Bolinao, the northernmost municipality in Pangasinan that is famous for its white-sand beaches near Manila. This resort near Manila features whitewashed villas similar to that of Santorini, 2 infinity pools, and a hilly landscape that’s right along the coast. 

You can choose to stay at any of the resort’s three areas. The Cliffside Villas are situated at a higher elevation and offer views of the bay or the surrounding greenery. The Marina Villas have easy access to the infinity pool, while the Pool Villas have their own smaller but private pools. All villas are air-conditioned and have their own balcony.

If you want to cook your own meals, you may do so at your villa’s kitchen and grilling area, but if you want to take a break from cooking, you may head to CIAO! Bar and Restaurant, or have your order brought to your villa so you can dine in privacy.

6. Thunderbird Resorts and Casinos Poro Point (La Union)

Pool area of Thunderbird Resorts and Casinos Poro Point

Photo by Thunderbird Resorts and Casinos Poro Point

Tourists usually flock to La Union to surf, explore the province’s art, or try its popular coffee shops. Thunderbird Resorts and Casinos Poro Point is one of the La Union hotels that has also become a staple for many who visit the province.

The 65-hectare resort has been called the Santorini of Asia. Its whitewashed walls, blue domes, Mediterranean-inspired architecture, picturesque sunsets, and coastal location evoke images of Greece, making it seem like Santorini in the Philippines.

Thunderbird Resorts and Casinos Poro Point are perfect for those who like to be pampered on their travels, as it is one of the few 5-star resorts in the area. It has over 120 accommodations, including 60 Santorini-inspired villas.

You won’t be bored even if you don’t leave this Santorini of the north, as it has its own casino, spa, gym, basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts, a 9-hole golf course, an entertainment area with video game consoles, a billiard table, and a foosball table, and a private beach exclusively for guests and members.

5. Asylo Private Resort (Laguna)

Pool area of Asylo Private Resort

Photo by Asylo Private Resort

In Greek, “asylo” means sanctuary, and this is exactly what you will feel about this private resort after a stay here. Everything about Asylo Private Resort screams Santorini, from its design, whitewashed walls, blue doors, windows, and loungers to its unobstructed view of Laguna de Bay and the faux windmill you can find in the outdoor pool area. Like Santorini, the resort can also boast stunning sunset views. All corners of his private resort are photo-worthy.

Its rooms have bunk beds that can accommodate up to 25 guests, and like many private resorts in Laguna, it has its own kitchen and barbecue area, a refrigerator, a water dispenser, a billiard table, a videoke machine, and various board games. Feel free to bring kids along, as the resort also has a small indoor children’s pool in one of its domes. No need to worry about having your own quiet time away from the group, as the resort also has a few areas where you can just chill and relax. 

4. The Palladium Hotel (Coron, Palawan)

Outdoor pool of The Palladium Hotel

Photo by The Palladium Hotel

Coron is more popular with divers, but like other destinations in Palawan, it’s also home to limestone cliffs and stunning beaches. Thanks to The Palladium Hotel, you can also have a slice of Santorini in Palawan. Unlike many other Palawan hotels, this boutique resort features whitewashed walls and blue domes in its design. Even its 40 Versace-styled rooms are decorated with the Greek isle in mind, with blue pillows and blue and white murals inside each one.

Each room is spacious and has a queen bed, and is fitting for couples and groups alike. Don’t miss breakfast, as many of its previous guests have raved about it and the hotel staff’s excellent service.

The Palladium Hotel also has an outdoor swimming pool, a poolside bar, a restaurant, and an events hall, so you can have a packed Coron itinerary even if you just stay at the hotel. Staying here also gives you access to the islands owned and operated by The Palladium Beach Club.

3. Balesin Island Club - Mykonos Village (Quezon)

The pool in Balesin Island Club's Mykonos village

Photo by Balesin Island Club

While it’s named after a different Greek island, this village in Balesin Island Club is still on this list as its buildings can easily be mistaken for those in Santorini. Apart from its whitewashed walls and blue doors, its cobblestone streets will make you forget you’re in the Philippines.

The village has 33 spacious villas which can house large groups or families. Each one has a rooftop lounge area that has its own whirlpool tub. If you’re looking to refresh in a bigger pool, you can head to Poseidon, the clubhouse of Mykonos Village, where you can take a dip in the pool while taking in beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean. 

Take your Greek experience to another level by dining at Thanassis Taverna, a tavern that serves Greek dishes like gyros, moussaka, and souvlaki. Next to the tavern is The Cove Deck, where you can enjoy a drink or two or lounge in one of its 4 outdoor Jacuzzis.

2. Camp Netanya Resort & Spa (Batangas)

Camp Netanya Resort & Spa's seaside pool

Photo by Camp Netanya Resort & Spa

If you’re looking for a Santorini resort in Batangas, Camp Netanya Resort & Spa in Anilao is it. This Batangas beach resort has the same architecture as Santorini, including its whitewashed walls, blue doors and domes, and even a windmill with sails similar to that of the famous one in Oia village. Even its many floors are a reminder of Santorini’s uneven terrain.

Anilao is a Marine Protected Sanctuary, making it a good place to dive and snorkel. You can book dive packages or rent some gear for your underwater exploration. If you want to fill your Batangas itinerary, the resort also has a spa, a fitness center, and an infinity pool that gives you a breathtaking view of the resort and Balayan Bay.

This Greece-inspired resort in Batangas has accommodations that are perfect for relaxing after enjoying the resort’s facilities, and you can choose from several options. Couples may stay at a Superior King Room, families can book a Family Loft, and those traveling with a large group can sleep at the Master Villa, which can fit up to 14 people.

1. Vitalis Villas (Ilocos Sur)

Aerial view of Vitalis Villas

Photo by Vitalis Villas

Ilocos Sur may be a popular destination thanks to its historic capital city of Vigan, but it is also home to Vitalis Villas, a resort dubbed as the Santorini of the Philippines. A drone shot of the place will show you why it got its nickname.

It’s located on a cliff along the beautiful Santiago Cove, giving it panoramic views of the sea, while its whitewashed walls and blue accents are a stark contrast to the lush greens surrounding it. From the ground, the tiered levels of the resort and its cobblestone walkways make it seem like you’re exploring the uneven terrain of Santorini.

You can choose from 7 different types of accommodations depending on your needs, from the simple Superior Room to the luxurious Three Bedroom Villa with Private Pool that comes with its own butler service.

This mini Santorini in Ilocos is in a secluded area, but you won’t run out of things to do here, as its facilities include a bakery, a snack bar, several pools, a pool bar, a bar and restaurant, a spa, a gym, and even a petting zoo!. You can also try zip-lining or enjoy water sports like kayaking or wakeboarding.

Escape to These Santorini-like Resorts in the Philippines

Poolside of Camp Netanya Resort & Spa

Photo by Camp Netanya Resort & Spa

Santorini is a dream destination for many, thanks to its stunning views, unique terrain, and romantic atmosphere. While the Greek island’s charm is incomparable, these Santorini, Greece-inspired resorts in the Philippines offer a taste of what the island has to offer, from their picture-perfect architecture and luxe feel to the gorgeous sunsets views that await you.

Whether you’re after a private and pampered retreat or stunning backdrops for your travel photos, you’ll likely find what you’re searching for in one of these resorts.

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