13 Best Sorsogon Bicol Hotels and Resorts: Beachfront, Donsol Whale Sharks, Surfing

13 Best Sorsogon Bicol Hotels and Resorts: Beachfront, Donsol Whale Sharks, Surfing

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Elysia Beach Resort and Siama Hotel

Photos by Eric Kim/Elysia Beach Resort and Siama Hotel

Sorsogon is one of the emerging top tourist spots in Luzon and the Philippines. This province in the Bicol Region, known for being home to Mount Mayon in Legazpi, is located at the southernmost tip of Luzon and is a must-visit eco-tourism site.

Sorsogon's top attractions include pristine beaches, majestic waterfalls, whale shark encounters in Donsol, and beautiful national parks. To make the most of your time visiting the top tourist spots in Sorsogon, you need to have a good home base to come back to after a whole day of exploring.

When looking for a jump-off point in Sorsogon, there are many types of accommodations to choose from: from centrally located hotels conveniently found in the middle of the city to beach resorts lined up along the coast. There are various options for visitors traveling on a limited budget or going out with a big group. 

To help you plan your trip to Sorsogon, here are some top-rated hotels and resorts that you should stay in for the best getaway:



13. Modesta Hotel (Irosin)

A suite in Modesta Hotel

Photo by Modesta Hotel

Located at the center of Irosin municipality in Sorsogon, Modesta Hotel features bright interiors, crisp white bed linens, and pretty plants decorating various corners of the property. Guests are also treated to a great view overlooking Mt. Bulusan from the roof deck. The hotel is easily accessible to various points at the city proper, with the closest airport (Moises R. Espinosa airport) at 58KM distance from the property.

Irosin Lake is less than 5KM away, while Mt. Bulusan is 12KM from the hotel. It's also a great home base if you want to go on Sorsogon island hopping tours to Subic Beach in Matnog, around 20KM away from Irosin. 

Rooms have modern furnishings and amenities such as air-conditioning, cable TV, refrigerator, and bathrooms with hot shower. The resort also has a terrace, a shared kitchen, and a convenience store. Free parking is available, and shuttle service to and from the airport may be availed for an extra fee. 

12. Paopao Hotel (Sorsogon City)

Paopao Hotel's executive suite room

Photo by Paopao Hotel

Situated just 300m away from the Sorsogon Provincial Capital, the centrally-located Paopao Hotel stands at Sorsogon’s central business district. It is less than 1KM away from the Sorsogon Pier, and less than 16KM from beach destinations such as Talong-Gapo beach, Paguriran Island and Lagoon, Libanon Beach, and Rizal Beach. Centuries-old colonial structures such as the Old Houses of Juban and the Barcelona Church and Ruins are within a 20KM radius from the hotel. 

Paopao Hotel has its own restaurant that offers complimentary breakfast for guests and a la cart dishes of local and international favorites. Wifi access is available within the property and parking is free. Each one of its 37 rooms are furnished and equipped with modern amenities that include air-conditioning, clean linens, toiletries, en-suite bathroom with shower, towels, and cable TV, with most rooms enjoying a city view. 

11. Ozi Camp Resort (Sorsogon City)

Ozi Camp Resort's poolside

Photo by Ozi Camp Resort

Ozi Camp Resort is an ocean-side property in Sorsogon City that features a sprawling garden, 3 swimming pools, and a unique corner location bordering the Pacific Ocean and the Sibulan Creek. The creek has a small opening flowing toward the beach, with a swimming pool and 4 open cottages located beside it.

Several open cottages are situated throughout the property of varying sizes that may be rented for day trips. The biggest cottage can accommodate up to 25 guests and has a private terrace with oceanside views, a kitchenette, and a private washroom. 

It has 3 types of swimming pools: a river pool where fresh mountain water flows in, a spring-water fed kiddie pool, and a private filtered swimming pool with a water slide. For overnight stays, they offer guest accommodations in an ocean-facing room called “Harlan’s Apartment”, a spacious room located at an elevated area with sea views and a salt-water-tinged breeze. It is equipped with a living area, double bedrooms with an en-suite shower, and a large rooftop cottage above it. 

10. Modesta Resort (Irosin)

Villas at Modesta Resort

Photo by Modesta Resort

Located in Barangay Bagsangan in Irosin, Modesta Resort is perfect for families or friends who want a laidback retreat in the middle of nature. The resort is surrounded by several palm trees and other plants and offers relaxing green views to its guests.

While you can visit during the day and rent a cottage or a tent, you can make the most of your stay by booking at least one night at the stars of the property, the four A-frame villas that line one side of the resort’s 70-meter long pool. With nature as the backdrop, the villas and the pool make for beautiful photos.

Each villa is spacious enough to accommodate up to 10 people, who can sleep either in the main bathroom or the attic bedroom. The villas also have their own living area and a kitchen which comes with a refrigerator, a stove, and an electric kettle so you can prepare your meals and drinks yourself. All villas also have their own outdoor area with loungers and a mini pool that is connected to the main pool.

9. Pamana Beach Resort (Santa Magdalena)

Pamana Beach Resort's beachside cottages

Photo by Pamana Beach Resort

Pamana Beach Resort is a budget-friendly resort that offers affordable beachfront accommodations and open cottages for guests on day trips. With its white sand beach and crystal clear shallow seawater situated right outside the property, this resort is the ideal place for family get-togethers or large group gatherings.

The beach also has colorful fish and coral reefs near the shore that’s easily accessible from the resort. Because it is situated inside a cove, the resort’s unique location prevents huge waves from forming, making it safer for kids and non-swimmers to dip into. 

The no-frills bahay kubo (nipa hut) type accommodations are equipped with electric fans, kitchen equipment, en-suite bathrooms, and beds, while open huts may be rented for a day trip fee. There’s a hammock for relaxing, and a sari-sari or mini-shop on site for basic necessities. Its convenient location is the ideal jump-off point to explore nearby natural attractions such as Ubo Falls, Liang Beach, and other beaches in nearby towns.

8. Lola Sayong Eco-SurFarm (Gubat)

Lola Sayong Eco-SurFarm's cottages

Photo by Lola Sayong Eco-SurFarm

Located in the coastal town of Gubat, Sorsogon, Lola Sayong Eco-SurFarm is one of the most famous home base for travelers who want to surf in Sorsogon. It is a community-led initiative that offers comfortable accommodations as well as a farm where people raise their own vegetables, fruits, and livestock.

They serve sumptuous comfort food cooked with local ingredients in their in-house restaurant. House favorites include rice dishes, local vegetables, organic vinegar, fresh fruits, and healthy beverages like pure buko (coconut) juice.  Maintained by surfers, environmentalists, and other like-minded supporters, Lola Sayong is a physical manifestation of a culture that embraces a healthier approach to mindful and sustainable living.

The child-friendly premises is a great place to expose younger kids to local farming practices, allowing them to have an immersive experience as they learn where their food comes from. This eco surf farm resort offers rustic, comfortable accommodations with basic furnishings and amenities, with overnight packages good for solo travelers and small groups of up to 4 guests. 

7. AGM Beachfront Resort and Resto (Donsol)

AGM Beachfront Resort and Resto's beachfront

Photo by AGM Beachfront Resort and Resto

At just 1.4m distance from the Donsol Whale Shark Interaction Center, this resort is one of the best options for guests to easily book a trip for a Donsol whale shark interaction tour and visit these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.

Conveniently located in between a beachfront property and the main road, this hotel offers 20 rooms situated either in apartment-type bungalows or a 2 storey concrete building. The rooms are equipped with modern amenities that include air-conditioning, en-suite bathroom with hot showers, and cable television, with some family rooms furnished with a small refrigerator. 

This beachfront property has an in-house restaurant with panoramic views of the sea and nearby islands, and it serves Filipino, continental and international dishes. Aside from whale shark watching tours, it's also a great base if you're going on other Donsol tours like a Donsol firefly tour. It’s also a great spot to go snorkeling and scuba diving, which may be arranged with accredited dive shops nearby. 



6. Amor Farm Beach Resort (Donsol)

Amor Farm Beach Resort's common outdoor area

Photo by Amor Farm Beach Resort

Another beachfront property located 680m from the Donsol Whale Shark Interaction Center, Amor Farm Beach Resort is a well-positioned resort roughly 44KM away from the city center and 30KM from the nearest airport in Legazpi City.

With a sprawling outdoor garden facing the sea and private beach, this resort is a popular venue for hosting large gatherings and special occasions such as weddings, business conferences, or family reunions. It has an in-house restaurant that serves local and international dishes and an on-site mini-market for basic necessities. 

This resort offers 25 rooms to suit every budget and group size, some with extra amenities like air-conditioning or hot showers, while all rooms are equipped with a private bath, toiletries, and towels. Other facilities include PWD-friendly grounds, free parking, safety deposit box, barbecue area, wifi in public spaces, and bicycle rental services.  



5. Recidencia Del Hamor (Casiguran)

Recidencia Del Hamor's accommodations

Photo by Recidencia Del Hamor

Nestled at the foothills of Mt. Bulusan, Recidencia Del Hamor offers majestic mountain views and a refreshing retreat into the great outdoors. Surrounded by a lush forest and flowing nearby river, it is within a 12KM radius from Sorsogon tourist attractions that include the Mt. Bulusan National Park, the Old Houses of Juban, the centuries-old Barcelona Church, Masacrot Springs and Rizal Beach. 

This 19-hectare estate features an outdoor swimming pool, a sprawling garden, facilities for horseback riding, and an on-site golf course. It also has an in-house restaurant that serves delicious local dishes in an al-fresco thatched roof dining area with a high ceiling and elegant wooden furniture.

Accommodations range from deluxe villas to suites with either a garden or a pool view that can be seen from the balcony, and each of the 25 rooms is equipped with amenities that include air-conditioning, cable television, en-suite bathrooms with towels, toiletries and hot shower, as well as free bottled water. 

4. Vitton & Woodland Beach Resorts (Donsol)

Vitton & Woodland Beach Resorts's pool area

Photo by Vitton & Woodland Beach Resorts

Vitton & Woodland Beach Resorts is one of the best gateways to the whale shark tours in Donsol, Sorsogon. At just 60m distance from the Donsol Whale Shark Interaction Center, arranging a rare visit with the world’s biggest fish is just a few steps from the hotel, while the conveniences of the city center is just 3KM away. 

Featuring an outdoor swimming pool, poolside bar, spacious garden, and wellness spa, Vitton & Woodland Beach Resort offers guests with an indulgent tropical island experience. It has a private beach where guests can go canoeing, diving, fishing, and snorkeling, while bicycle rental and shuttle services are available too.   

This pet-friendly resort offers 49 rooms with various comforts that include en-suite bathrooms, air-conditioning, flat-screen TV, crisp linens, and clean towels. The in-house restaurant serves delicious local and continental dishes, while the poolside bar offers a great vantage point for enjoying the sunset view while nursing a refreshing cocktail near the beach.  

3. Siama Hotel (Sorsogon City)

Siama Hotel's pool area

Photo by Siama Hotel

Situated in a lush coconut grove, Siama Hotel is at the heart of Sorsogon City close to the Provincial Capitol Park and Sorsogon Pier, both of which are within 5KM distance from the resort. This estate is designed to merge seamlessly with its tropical surroundings, with the hotel interior’s natural elements mirroring the lush garden throughout the immediate vicinity. It features a 25-meter swimming pool at the center of the estate which may be viewed from across the balconies of premier rooms nearby. 

The 25 rooms and suites are tastefully decorated with a modern tropical aesthetic. All are equipped with premier amenities such as air-conditioning, black-out curtains, en-suite bathrooms with hot shower, and toiletries.

There is an in-house restaurant with an Asian menu that serves local delicacies and homegrown favorites and refreshing beverages, juices, and cocktails. Sorsogon attractions such as the whale shark interaction in Donsol, the pink sand beach of Subic in Matnog, surfing spots in Gubat beach, and Gubat Lake, are all within 55KM distance from the resort.

2. Recidencia Del Hamor Beachfront (Santa Magdalena)

Residencia Del Hamor Beachfront's pool area

Photo by Recidencia Del Hamor Beachfront

Recidencia Del Hamor Beachfront is a Mediterranean-inspired resort that stands at the southern tip of Sorsogon's Santa Magdalena and faces the San Bernardino Strait along its coast. With its white and blue design and the pristine clear waters surrounding the property, it's reminiscent of the Greek island tourist paradise, Santorini.


Featuring an infinity pool found right across the resort’s private beachfront and a white sand beach where colorful reefs thrive, this resort offers an unobstructed oceanside view of the horizon and its surrounding islets. 

Rooms and suites are equipped with amenities that include air-conditioning, en-suite bathroom, flat-screen television, toiletries, towels, and spacious accommodations with living areas, most with ocean or pool views that can be enjoyed from the room’s floor to ceiling windows.

There are many lounge areas with beach umbrellas that are placed throughout the property. The in-house restaurant serves international cuisine and delicious beverages. Some of the leisure activities to be enjoyed at the resort include lounging by the beach or pool, kayaking, island hopping, and scuba diving. 

1. Elysia Beach Resort (Donsol)

Aerial view of Elysia Beach Resort

Photo by Eric Kim/Elysia Beach Resort

Well-positioned right in front of the beach in Donsol, Sorsogon, Elysia Beach Resort is a 4-star property just 620m away from the Donsol Whale Sharks Interaction Center and within 6KM distance from Sorsogon tourist spots like Astillero of Donsol and Dancalan Beach. Each of the 15 well-appointed rooms comes with a terrace, free welcome drink, air-conditioning, and other amenities like satellite TV, shower, mosquito net, fan, and en-suite bathrooms with shower. 

The beachfront is perfect for sunbathing as it is furnished with comfortable hammocks and lounge chairs with rustic beach umbrellas to shield guests from the harsh sun rays. The coconut-tree-filled garden has mini-cottages scattered throughout the spacious property, while the swimming pool is located at the center, flanked by more lounge chairs that are perfect for chilling and relaxing by the poolside. 

The in-house restaurant is an al-fresco structure with a high ceiling and wooden furnishings. They serve continental dishes along with delicious beverages and cocktails at the bar. It is the ideal point of departure to various Sorsogon attractions and a great place to unwind in a tropical island setting.  

Escape to Sorsogon's Best Hotels and Resorts

View from Recidencia Del HamorPhoto by Recidencia Del Hamor

If you're planning a trip to the Bicol region, make sure to include Sorsogon tours as part of your travel itinerary. It's a refreshing escape from the busy city because of its outdoor attractions and will surely excite travelers who love nature and uncrowded attractions.

Aside from exploring the top tourist spots of Legazpi like Mount Mayon, spend at least 3 days in the province of Sorsogon. Book a place by the sea and spend the day enjoying the white sandy shores and pristine blue waters. You can also go inland and wake up to scenic mountain views, lush coconut trees, quiet lakes, and hidden caves. 

With so many resorts and accommodations to choose from, you’ll find just the right home base to explore Sorsogon's top tourist spots



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