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Guide to the Philippines offers a one-stop platform for all your business travel needs. Whether planning a marketing event or organizing a company retreat or team building, we can fulfill all your customized requirements to fit your given budget and preferences. 

Our extensive network of partners provides us access to all corners of the Philippines and the widest selection of travel-related services. 

Guide to the Philippines can help you plan and book an all-inclusive travel package perfect for business events or team building trips that includes accommodations with full board meals, transportation, facilitator and program, activities and tours. We can also arrange for other business services you may need. As long as it will help fulfill an experience, we’ll find a way to deliver.

If you are organizing an event or convention that aims to bring guests from abroad, we’d love to hear from you. We are interested in partnering with you to provide value to your guests. Contact us now and give us the chance to help out. We’ll make sure to deliver a tailored solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Business Travel in the Philippines

1. What is business travel?

Business travel refers to travel undertaken by individuals on behalf of their company or organization for work-related purposes such as attending conferences, meetings, training sessions, team building, company retreat, or visiting clients.

2. Why do companies engage in business travel?

Companies engage in business travel for various reasons, including expanding their business, developing new partnerships, attending conferences or training sessions, meeting clients or investors, conducting market research, and building a strong professional network between members of the company.

3. Are there all-inclusive travel packages for business travelers?

Yes, there are Philippine packages for business travelers in the Philippines. In fact, corporate events or team building trips can be planned and booked with the assistance of Guide to the Philippines. We can help you in finding the best accommodations with full board meals, transportation, a facilitator and program, activities and tours, and more.

4. What is a team building tour?

A team building tour is a type of travel experience designed to help teams develop stronger bonds, enhance communication, and improve collaboration skills through a variety of fun and interactive activities.

5. Can team building tours be customized to fit specific needs or goals?

Yes, most team building facilitators in the Philippines, like Guide to the Philippines, offer customized tours that can be tailored to fit specific needs or goals. It is best to discuss your goals and objectives with Guide to the Philippines to ensure that the tour is designed to meet your specific needs.

6. What kind of activities can be included in a team building tour?

Team building tours can include a wide range of trips and experiences, such as outdoor adventures like hiking or rafting, cultural experiences like cooking classes or wine tasting, problem-solving exercises, trust-building exercises, and more.

7. How long do team building tours usually last?

Team building tours can vary in length, depending on the goals and objectives of the tour. They can last anywhere from a half-day to several weeks.

8. What are the best team building venues in the Philippines?

There are many great team building venues in the Philippines like Palawan, which offers a stunning island setting and a variety of team building activities, such as island hopping, snorkeling, and kayaking. Another one is Subic Bay, a former US military base turned eco-tourism zone that offers a variety of team building activities, such as jungle survival courses, obstacle courses, and water sports.

Manila, the capital city, also offers a variety of team building venues, such as urban parks, museums, and team building centers. There are also team building resorts near Manila, such as Batangas, which offers a variety of team building venues, including beach resorts, eco parks, and mountain resorts. Tagaytay is also a renowned team building place in the Philippines, as it offers a scenic mountain setting and a variety of team building activities, such as zipline, wall climbing, and eco-tours.

It is best to research each venue to determine if they offer the specific activities or facilities that will meet the needs and goals of your team building event.

9. What are some benefits of team building tours?

Some benefits of team building tours include improved communication, increased trust and collaboration, enhanced problem-solving skills, strengthened leadership and decision-making abilities, and higher job satisfaction and morale.

10. How much does a team building tour cost?

The cost of a team building tour can vary widely depending on the location, activities, and length of the tour. It is best to contact a travel agency like Guide to the Philippines for specific pricing information.