25 Best Beaches in the Philippines: White Sand, Pink Sand & Hidden Beaches

25 Best Beaches in the Philippines: White Sand, Pink Sand & Hidden Beaches

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Long Beach in San Vicente Palawan and Malcapuya Island Beach in Coron, Palawan

IMPORTANT: The Philippine beaches featured in this article may have COVID-19 travel restrictions and requirements. Check our COVID-19 travel advisory page for details.


Lounge on the best Philippines beaches! If you're looking for pristine beaches with crystal clear waters and postcard-worthy views, the Philippines offers you a lot of choices! But which ones should you visit? Read on to learn about the country's top beaches.

The Philippines is an archipelago with over 7,000 islands and has the 5th largest coastline in the world. The geographical features of the Philippines mean there are thousands of tropical white sand beaches in the Philippines to choose from! 

Deciding on the best beach tours in the Philippines to add to your itinerary is one of the hardest things to do when planning your vacation to this Southeast Asian country. That's why we’ve come up with this list to help you find the best and most beautiful beaches in the Philippines to escape to.

From popular beaches with family-friendly Philippines resorts to secluded, unspoiled best beach resorts in the Philippines that are perfect for a honeymoon in the Philippines, here are 25 of the best Philippines beaches and top tourist spots in the Philippines to suit every type of traveler.


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25. Bakhaw Beach, Camotes Islands, Cebu

Bakhaw Beach in Camotes Island

One of the most underrated Philippines beaches in Cebu province, is Bakhaw Beach in the Camotes Islands. Even though it’s a public beach, it rarely gets crowded.

This unspoiled beach has a picturesque stretch of white sand and crystal clear waters, making it the perfect place to go swimming and sunbathing.

It’s emerging as a must-visit tourist spot in the province and is also one of the best beaches in Cebu. During your Camotes Island Cebu tour package, don’t forget to take photos of the sunset as it’s a breathtaking sight to see.

Best time to go: From December to May. In January, you can also join the Sinulog Festival in Cebu City.



24. Antonia Beach, Gigantes Islands, Iloilo​

Antonia Beach in Gigantes Islands Iloilo

Islas de Gigantes or Gigantes Islands in Iloilo, Visayas, has been gaining popularity in recent years as one of Iloilo's top tourist spots. That's because the crystal clear waters and powdery white sand of Antonia Beach is a sight to behold!

A must-add when planning your itinerary on things to do in Iloilo, it’s one of those remote Philippines beaches where you can laze around and swim all day without the big crowd, unlike more popular beaches in the Philippines.

Bohol holiday sale packages from ManilaJust off the shoreline on the northern part of the beach, you’ll find colorful fish, corals, seagrass, and other types of marine life that can be clearly seen even without snorkeling gear, although if you want a closer look, you can always rent one out for a small fee during your Islas de Gigantes tour

Best time to go: Join Gigantes Islands tours from December, January, February, March, April to May when the waves are calmer for boat rides. In January, you can also join the Dinagyang Festival in Iloilo City, but it's best to stay at the hotels in Iloilo City. You can also explore other islands in the Visayas region during your Iloilo trip. Check out our Bacolod Iloilo Guimaras itinerary.



23. Lambug Beach, Badian, Cebu​​

Lambug Beach in Badian, Cebu, Philippines

Badian, Cebu got its reputation for being a popular canyoneering tour destination, but there’s a hidden gem within the area called Lambug Beach. This public beach is a great place to spend a lazy day relaxing and enjoying the sun during your Cebu tours.

This attraction is relatively uncrowded, but if you want to stay overnight, there are some rooms or cottages surrounding the beach area that you can stay in.​

Best time to go: From December to May when it's warm and sunny in Cebu.



22. Morong Beach, Batanes​

Morong Beach in Batanes, Philippines

Aside from its rolling hills, lighthouses, and stone houses, the small island province of Batanes in the northernmost part of the Philippines is also home to Morong Beach.

Also called Nakabuang Beach, its most prominent feature is the massive rocky arch called Nakabuang Arch, making it one of the most photographed spots in Batanes.

Albay holiday sale hotel and tour packages from ManilaThe glass-like water in Morong Beach is calmer and friendlier despite the usual rough weather. The best way to enjoy Morong Beach is by joining a Sabtang Island day tour. For a more rugged and local experience go around the island via a tricycle excursion of Sabtang Island.

Best time to go: From March to May when there are few or no typhoons that might cause flight cancellations.



21. Alegria Beach, Siargao

Alegria Beach in Siargao Island, Philippines

Siargao is often dubbed the surfing capital of the Philippines and is one of the top tourist spots in Mindanao and tourist spots in Siargao. But there are many things to do in Siargao aside from surfing. Make sure to visit the unspoiled Alegria Beach, a 5-kilometer long white sand beach that’s famous for its breathtaking views and one of the best beaches in Siargao and beaches in Mindanao. 

Siargao holiday sale hotel and tour packagesThere are no commercial hotels and establishments within the area, only a few picnic huts and cottages. It’s ideal for swimming, snorkeling, or simply sunbathing - the best Siargao Island activities aside from surfing. Make sure to add this destination to the Siargao experiences you’ll be trying out while on the island.

If you want to explore more beaches and islands in Siargao, join a Siargao island hopping tour package that includes Naked Island, Daku Island, and Guyam Island.

Best time to go: Plan your Siargao tour packages trips from March to October. If you also want to go surfing aside from enjoying the Philippines beaches and island-hopping in Siargao as part of your Siargao itinerary, you should visit from August to November, when the waves are higher and you can enjoy other rainy season activities in the Philippines.



20. Anguib Beach, Santa Ana, Cagayan Valley​

Anguib Beach in Santa Ana, Cagayan, Valley, Philippines

Anguib Beach is one of the best Philippines beaches in Santa Ana Cagayan Valley. Located in the Philippines' northeastern tip, this beach with powdery fine sand and emerald waters is one of the main highlights of Cagayan Valley adventures.

You can also try the popular island-hopping day trip in Cagayan, where you visit other major attractions in nearby Palaui Island, such as Cape Engaño Lighthouse.

day trip to Palaui Island is a highly recommended side trip as you get to visit not only Anguib Beach, but also scenic terrains, a majestic lighthouse, and other beaches.

Best time to go: From March to June when the waves are calmer for boat trips, especially if you want to explore Palaui Island. You'll be traveling by boat on the open seas when you go island hopping in the Philippines.

19. Subic Beach, Sorsogon​

Subic Beach in Sorsogon, Philippines

Another Philippine beach with pinkish-white sand is Subic Beach in Matnog, Sorsogon of Bicol region. You can visit this by joining a Sorsogon Matnog island hopping tour or a Sorsogon travel package. Its crystal blue waters and the unspoiled white sand beach with a hint of pink offer travelers a peaceful getaway.

The beach is divided into two, Subic Laki (Big Beach), where accommodations are located, and Subic Liit (Small Beach), which is uninhabited but is perfect for taking a dip or a quiet stroll under the rows of trees.​

It’s a great destination to unwind and relax if you want to escape from the city and follow the sun.

Best time to go: From January to June when the waves are calmer for boat trips. It's only about half an hour boat ride from the mainland, but it's still safer to travel during the warm and sunny months. 



18. Pink Beach, Zamboanga​​

Pink Beach in Great Santa Cruz Island, Zamboanga City, Philippines

If you’re looking for a unique beach to visit, travel to the Pink Beach in Great Santa Cruz Island that you can access from Zamboanga City. The beach has a sandy pink color because of the white sand mixed with the pulverized red organ pipe corals.

It might not be visible at first until you take a closer look at the sand or view it from a drone video or photo.​

Joining a Zamboanga Pink Beach escapade is worth it, not only because it was dubbed as one of the best beaches by National Geographic, but you can also visit the mangrove forest on the island where you can ride a colorful vinta and encounter non-stinging jellyfish.

Best time to go: From November to April. If there are no typhoons, you can also visit in October and see the colorful vinta boats during the Hermosa Festival in your Zamboanga tour.



17. Gumasa Beach, Sarangani

Gumasa Beach in Sarangani, Philippines

Situated on the stunning shoreline of Sarangani in Mindanao, it offers 6-kilometers of white sand beach, sparkling aquamarine waters, and a scenic view worthy of a photoshoot.​

Gumasa beach is not crowded but offers the same experience as other more popular beaches in the Philippines. You can go swimming, kayaking, jet-skiing, and snorkeling.

You can join a Sarangani beach tour that includes Gumasa Beach during your trip to this part of the Philippines.

Best time to go: From January, February, March, to April for the best weather.

16. Bitaog Beach, Dinagat Islands​​

Bitaog Beach in Dinagat Islands

Photo by iwentanyways.com

Bitaog Beach is one of the best places to visit in the Philippines Dinagat Islands, a group of islands in Mindanao's northern tip. It’s a sight to behold with its white sandy shores, crystal clear waters, and rows of coconut trees.

With its pristine beauty, it’s no wonder why Bitaog Beach is emerging as one of the top destinations in Mindanao.​

Bitaog Beach is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing. There is also an abundance of rock formations and calcareous peaks that serve as the backdrop of its white sandy shores and are reminiscent of other paradise-like destinations in Palawan.

Best time to go: From December to May when the waves are calmer for boat rides.

15. Malamawi Beach, Basilan

Malamawi Beach in Basilan, Philippines

Malamawi Beach is an unspoiled white sand beach in Isabela City of Basilan, Mindanao. This off-the-beaten-path tourist spot is worth checking out because of its turquoise waters, stunning white sand, and uninhibited beauty.

Go for a walk, swim, snorkel, have a picnic, watch the sunset, and more. There are beachfront cottages and small stalls selling food and other kinds of souvenirs. You can even rent kayaks if you want to try that water sport activity while in the area.​

You can get to Malamawi Beach via ferry ride from Zamboanga City.

Best time to go: From January to April. 

14. Puka Beach, Boracay​

Puka Beach in Boracay Island, Philippines

A gorgeous beach found on the island of Boracay is Puka Beach. It is one of those quieter beach spots in Boracay, making it ideal for those looking for a more peaceful tropical getaway in Boracay tour packages.

It got its name from the abundance of crushed “puka” shells mixed with the fine white sand. The beach is roughly 800 meters long and doesn’t have hotels, resorts, and clubs like White Beach. Puka Beach is usually included on a sightseeing trip in Boracay.

Best time to go: Plan a visit to Boracay's Puka Beach in your Boracay itinerary from November to May.



13. Bonbon Beach, Romblon

Bonbon Beach in Romblon, Philippines

Bonbon Beach is an idyllic beach paradise located in the island province of Romblon, found in between Luzon and Visayas.

This underrated Luzon tourist spot is well-known for its long stretch of white sandbar extending up to 2 kilometers and connecting to Bang-og. The sandbar is visible during low tide when you can walk to Bang-og Island too during your Romblon tour package!​

If you want to have a great time at this beach and enjoy its crystal clear waters and stretch of white sand to its full extent, make sure to visit either early in the morning or in the late afternoon when you join a Romblon beach tour.

Best time to go: From January to May when it's the safest to travel by boat. 



12. Banol Beach, Coron, Palawan

Banol Beach in Coron, Palawan, Philippines

Banol Beach, also called Banul Beach, is a sight to behold with its powdery white sand, aquamarine waters, and a towering wall of karst cliffs. Besides swimming, you can also ride a kayak or chill by the nipa huts that line the beach when planning things to do in Palawan Coron.

Joining an island-hopping tour in Coron that includes Banol Beach is a must-try. You can also do an overnight Coron camping excursion that includes this beach.​

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​​Don’t forget to bring your camera during your Coron tour packages as it’s one of the most photogenic tourist spots in Coron!

Best time to go: Plan your Coron itinerary from January to the middle of June and October to December when the waves are calmer for boat rides to Coron Palawan tourist spots. You'll be spending the whole day traveling on boats when island hopping in Coron. 



11. Paliton Beach, Siquijor

Paliton Beach in Siquijor, Philippines

​Paliton Beach is the most popular beach on the western side of Siquijor, a small island province in Central Visayas.

This beach is famous for its immaculate turquoise waters, white sand, and its picturesque backdrop of coconut trees. Visiting this beach is worth it, even during peak season.​

Join a Siquijor island adventure to visit Paliton Beach aside from the top attractions in the province. The stunning sunset is a must-see in Paliton Beach! The most convenient way to go to Paliton Beach is by riding a scooter or a tricycle.

Best time to go: From January to May and November to December



10. Saud Beach, Pagudpud

Saud Beach in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, Philippines

Pagudpud, a coastal town in the Ilocos region and a popular holiday destination in North Luzon, is famous for its windmills, lighthouses, and other Pagudpud tourist spots. But it’s also a popular destination for travelers because of Pagudpud beaches, with Saud Beach taking the top spot for the most visited  white sand beach in Ilocos Norte. 

Known for its calm waters and stunning sunset views, this idyllic beach has 2 kilometers of powdery white sand. Take photos as you wade around its waters with the scenic view of Pagudpud as the backdrop!

Make sure to visit this beautiful beach during your sightseeing trip to Pagudpud. Check out our list of the best Ilocos Norte Laoag hotels that you can book for your trip.

Best time to go: From January to early May and November to December



9. Long Beach, San Vicente, Palawan​​

Long Beach in San Vicente, Palawan, Philippines

True to its name, Long Beach San Vicente is the longest beach in the Philippines, with 14.7 kilometers of powdery white sand. Located in San Vicente, Palawan, it is composed of four towns, namely San Isidro, New Agutaya, Alimanguan, and Poblacion. It’s one of the top tourist spots in San Vicente.​

This beach is ideal for those who seek peace and tranquility as it’s unspoiled and uncrowded. Enjoy swimming and sunbathing in this piece of tropical paradise.

If you’re still craving more adventure in San Vicente, make sure to join Port Barton tours as well, which is just a boat ride away.

Best time to go: From January to the middle of May, and December



8. Dahican Beach, Mati, Davao Oriental

Dahican Beach in Mati, Davao Oriental, Philippines

Dahican Beach in Mati, Davao Oriental is not like your typical white sand beach; it’s also a skimboarding and surfing spot.

One of the best beaches in Davao, it has a 7-kilometer stretch of white sand perfect for lounging for non-surfers and non-skimboarders. It is also a sanctuary for sea turtles, so keep on the lookout for them.

This underrated beach in Mati is one of the best in Davao Oriental and worth the 4-hour land trip from Davao City after your explore Davao tourist spots in the city. Make sure to stop by at this piece of paradise aside from top Davao trips and experiences.​

Best time to go: The months of January to May and December



7. Mahabang Buhangin Beach, Calaguas

Mahabang Buhangin Beach, Calaguas, Camarines Norte, Philippines

If you ever wanted to visit an unspoiled beach with gorgeous views and turquoise waters, Mahabang Buhangin Beach in Tinaga Island of Calaguas Group of Islands, Camarines Norte is a must-visit.

It’s a famous destination for campers and beach lovers due to its remarkable 2.5-kilometer stretch of white sand.​

You can spend a weekend here or join a Calaguas Island escapade. One of the best ways to enjoy this beach is to rent a cottage or pitch a tent and rediscover the meaning of tropical paradise.

Best time to go: From January to May and November to December when the boat ride going to Calaguas is smooth sailing. 

6. Hidden Beach, El Nido, Palawan

Hidden Beach in El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

Hidden Beach in El Nido, Palawan, is best known for its white sand, azure waters, and towering karst formations that conceal it, thus the name.

From your boat, you can swim or ride a kayak to get to the beach. It’s one of the major highlights in the El Nido island hopping tour C package.

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Although it’s far from the other popular islands and famous Palawan beaches in the Philippines, most travelers prefer to unwind at Hidden Beach since it’s not crowded. This means you have more opportunities to take great photos (or selfies!) with the scenic view as the backdrop.

Hidden Beach is one of the best attractions on the list of El Nido island-hopping tours that you have to visit during your trip to the Philippines.

Best time to go: From January to May and November to December



5. Malcapuya Beach, Coron​​, Palawan

Malcapuya Beach in Coron, Palawan, Philippines

Coron, Palawan is a popular Philippine destination because of its beautiful islands and beaches. One of the must-visit tourist spots in Coron is Malcapuya Beach that you can go to by joining an excursion at Culion Island.

It has a 1.5-kilometer stretch of pristine white sand. ​Besides being a great swimming spot, it’s one of the best places to snorkel and dive during Coron Palawan island hopping tours. It’s teeming with marine life and colorful corals.

Drink straight from a coconut as you stroll around the beach lined with palm trees. Make sure to take photos as well, as it’s one of those picturesque beaches that deserve a spot on your photo album of Coron tours

Best time to go: From October, November, December, January, February, March, April, May, to the middle of June.



4. Kota Beach, Bantayan Island​​, Cebu

Kota Beach in Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines

Kota Beach is one of the most stunning beaches in Bantayan Island, Cebu, and features crystal clear waters, powdery white sand, and a sandbar that appears during low tide.

Bantayan Island is located on the Northwest Coast of Cebu and boasts fine beaches without the big resorts and commercial establishments, but is one of the must-visit Cebu tourist spots.

Bantayan Island is a perfect destination for travelers who want a laid-back atmosphere and are looking for new Cebu experiences while staying at the best resorts in Cebu.

Best time to go: If you're planning a Cebu itinerary, join a Bantayan Island tour or Cebu tour package from January to the middle of June and October to December when the waves are calmer for the ferry ride from the main island of Cebu.



3. Alona Beach, Bohol​​

Alona Beach in Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines

Along with its world-class diving sites, Panglao Island tours in Bohol are also famous for white-sand beaches.

Alona Beach, which is named after a famous Filipina actress in the ’70s, is a 1.5-kilometer stretch of white sand that is one of the most well-known tourist spots in Bohol aside from the Chocolate Hills that is included in Bohol tour packages. One of the best beaches in Bohol, it's a perfect destination for families with resorts lining up its coast. The water is tranquil and devoid of rocks and corals, which makes it perfect for swimming and water activities for fun things to do in Bohol.



Bohol tour packages with airfare and hotel by Guide to the Philippines

Aside from lounging on the beach or in your Panglao resorts pool, you can try fun Alona Beach activities like the banana boat ride, UFO ride, parasailing activity, and join Bohol island-hopping tours to nearby islets and islands like a Bohol Balicasag Island tour.

Best time to go: From January to May and November to December



2. Nacpan Beach, El Nido, Palawan

Nacpan Beach in El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

Nacpan Beach is a 4-kilometer stretch of white sand in El NidoPalawan, about 45 minutes drive from the town center. It’s also part of the popular Twin Beaches attraction together with Calitang Beach included in some El Nido tour packages.

Nacpan Beach is considered by many as the real hidden gem of El Nido and one of the best beaches in Palawan due to being uncrowded and untouched by mass tourism. 

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You can spend a lazy day here just swimming, sunbathing, or hiking to the hill where you can see the view of the Twin Beaches. This is why Nacpan beach tours are massively popular among local and international travelers when planning an El Nido itinerary.

You must try a Nacpan Beach inland excursion in El Nido aside from island-hopping experiences. There are also plenty of other beaches in El Nido worth exploring if you have more time. ​

Best time to go: The months of January to May and December when the roads going to Nacpan Beach and nearby El Nido Palawan tourist spots are dry.



1. White Beach, Boracay

White Beach in Boracay Island, Philippines

​White Beach Boracay, one of the best tourist spots in the Philippines, offers a 4-kilometer long stretch of powdery white sand and is the most popular beach and the main attraction on the famous island of Boracay. The island of Boracay is also one of the best places in the Philippines for family vacation.

White Beach and other beaches in Boracay Philippines are not only considered some of the best white sand beaches in the Philippines but are also hailed as the best in the world by several international travel publications. The water in Boracay is both calm and clear and stretches out like a vast infinity pool. Its fine sand is devoid of rocks and keeps cool even on the hottest of days.



Boracay tour packages with airfare and hotel by Guide to the Philippines

White beach is lined with Boracay resorts and some of the most expensive hotels in the Philippines from Shangri-La Boracay, Crimson Boracay, Movenpick Boracay, and Discovery Shores Boracay. These hotels offer packages and promos, including Shangri La Boracay promo, Movenpick promo, Crimson Boracay promo, and Discovery Shores packages.

There are also many Boracay restaurants that cater to all sorts of palates. While here, make sure to try out White Beach activities and Boracay tours like the banana boat ride, parasailing tour, paraw sailing sunset tour, paddleboarding tour, Boracay helmet divingjet ski experience, wakeboarding activity, speedboat riding and other Boracay water sports packages. You will never run out of things to do in Boracay

The best way to enjoy White Beach, however, is by lounging on its white sand and watching the famous Boracay sunset. You can join Boracay island-hopping tours to explore the islets and snorkeling spots around the island if you want to explore the other attractions of Boracay.

Best time to go: From January to May and November to December, the driest months. 



Start Planning Your Beach Trip in the Philippines

White Beach in Boracay Island, Philippines

If you love the feel of sand in between your toes, the cool sea breeze, and lounging on endless stretches of fine white sand, then the Philippines is a destination you must add to your bucket list. Aside from beaches, make sure to check out the best islands in the Philippines too for your island hopping in the Philippines tours. If you're a scuba diver, there are also plenty of incredible diving spots in the Philippines to explore.

Find beach tours and activities you can add to your travel itinerary in the Philippines for that idyllic tropical escape and learn more reasons why visit the Philippines. Indulge and book a stay at one of the luxury resorts in the Philippines or one of the Philippines glamping resorts. Browse our wide collection of Philippines guided tours and Philippines vacation packages all-inclusive of flights and accommodation at 5-star hotels in the Philippines or honeymoon resorts in the romantic places in the Philippines perfect for a vacation package for couples. Guide to the Philippines is a Department of Tourism accredited Philippines travel agency for your online trip booking needs.