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Information about Balaan Bukid

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Balaang Bukid Shrine Trail, Jordan, Guimaras, Philippines
Distance From City Center
2.7 km
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Balaan Bukid 


Located in Brgy Balcon Melliza, Jordan, Guimaras is a famed landmark in the mountain more commonly known as Balaan Bukid. It has a pilgrimage site with a church and its iconic towering cross. The site also offers a trail of the 14 stations of the cross which makes it a popular destination to Catholic devotees, more specifically during the Holy Week. 




Balaan Bukid is accessible by taking a ferry ride to Ortiz Port. As you reach Ortiz Port, there are means of transportation available to take you to the Balaan Bukid. Since the pilgrimage site is often visited by the public, there’s nothing to worry about getting lost as locals would know where it is located. 


What to See 


The Philippines holds the title of being the largest Catholic country in Asia. Filipinos celebrate many Catholic events and are devoted to the religion that’s why there are many churches and cathedrals across the country. Balaan Bukid is famously visited for its pilgrimage site as well as the scenic landscapes of Iloilo City and Guimaras since it is situated on the mountain. Its name is translated to “Holy Mountain” which reflects the very nature of this site.

The 14 stations or the ‘Way of the Cross’ is a great reminder of the sacrifices that Jesus Christ has gone through in order to save the mankind which is why Catholic devotees would find this site as an ideal location to reflect during the Holy Week. The Chapel of Ave Maria Purisima is also located at the site where a massive cross will welcome you. This cross is visible from the province for standing tall and mighty atop the hill. The trek to reach the chapel may take 30 minutes so it is best to use comfortable shoes during your visit. Hard work will surely pay off after being rewarded by the beautiful view of the province as well as the idea of reaching the chapel where you can send your prayers and reflect.