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Information about Bantigue Island

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Natural Feature
Islas de Gigantes, Carles, Philippines
Distance From City Center
1.1 km
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Bantigue IslandBantigue Sandbar in Iloilo

The low tide reveals a long stretch of white sand in the middle of the ocean where Iloilo’s Isla Gigantes is located. Situated on the north-eastern part of the province and approximately 18 kilometers off the coast of the mainland of Panay, Bantigue Island is well worth the five-hour drive from the city.

Until a few years ago, Gigantes Islands have remained practically unknown. According to stories, these islands were named because of coffins with oversized human bones inside. These coffins were supposedly found in one of the island’s numerous caves. Bantigue Island is just one of the destinations, which include Cabugao Gamay Island, Antonia Beach, and Tangke Saltwater Lagoon, that are located in Gigantes Sur. 

Bantigue Island is just 1.5 kilometers away from Cabugao Gamay. The island is barely inhabited, with just a few huts and moored boats that belong to a tiny fishing community.

The powdery white sands of Bantigue Island are surrounded by shallow emerald waters, which make it easy for tourists to swim all around the island. At the end of the island lay a beautiful view of a small mountain and an expanse of lush vegetation. You can also see impressive rock formations when you set to explore the island.

Snorkelling is highly recommended if you get tired of swimming around and running to and fro the ends of the sandbar.


How to Get There

Go to Carles by taking the van or bus from Iloilo or Roxas City. Once you get to Carles, ride one of those motorized boats that head to either Gigantes Norte or Gigantes Sur. Day tours for Isla Gigantes usually include a stop to Bantigue Island. You can easily sign up for these tours which are offered at all the resorts. The island is one of the lunch stopovers for tour boats passing this route. You can find tables and chairs and vendors selling fresh and unbelievably cheap scallops and wasay-wasay.