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Information about Barracuda Lake

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Barracuda Lake, Coron, Palawan, Filippinerna, Philippines
Distance From City Center
5.1 km
High Season
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Barracuda Lake 

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Barracuda Lake in Coron is renowned for its diving spot where you can see fish skeletons on its shores. Bluish-green lakes and landscapes accompany salt and freshwater, which is the perfect temperature to dive in. Barracuda Lake is also included in a regular island-hopping tour in Coron.

The boat trip to the lake is scenic; you'll see calcareous cliffs looming over the ocean before you hit the pier. It's one of the enchanting moments on your Coron journey. Take plenty of photos and videos before diving into the azure waters. Go freediving to feel the thermocline of the lake or bring deeper scuba gear. The lake's shapes create a beautiful sight.

In one way, Barracuda Lake is close to Kayangan Lake — its waters are a combination of fresh and saltwater. Nevertheless, the distinction is that Barracuda Lake is a thermocline. It means water temperature changes as you swim up and down. Swimming to the lake is an adventure because you will notice the difference in temperature.

How to get there

You may either join a group excursion (Coron Island Tour) or hire a private boat to Barracuda Lake from Coron Town Proper.


Best time to visit

Highly recommended to visit during summer months. Go early in the morning when the location is less congested. Because the lake's entry is narrow, it might be busy during peak hours.


Entrance fee

There is an entrance fee to Barracuda Lake