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Information about Hidden Lagoon

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Banuang Daan, Coron Town Proper, Coron, Palawan, Philippines
Distance From City Center
4.8 km
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Hidden Lagoon

Hidden Lagoon is part of Twin Lagoon, a popular attraction that meets the eye in a Coron Island-hopping package. Located further inland from Coron Bay, their turquoise waters feel warm and chilly as the fresh underground water mingles with saltwater. The Tagbanua, the caretakers of this tourist attraction, is one of the Philippines' oldest ethnic groups; its history dates back to 16,500 years. They have an official ancestral territory of over 22,000 hectares in Coron.

The first lagoon is where boats are parked to prepare for a crowd. The second lagoon is where enchantment occurs: magnificent underwater scenes and crystal-clear waters calming to swim in.

Coron 's ultimate adventure will take you to different lagoons. Swim through a rocky wall to find the Hidden Lagoon, the enchanted secret location of the Twin Lagoon. There's a special feeling when swimming here. Combining saltwater and freshwater produces a combination of cold and dry, allowing it the perfect temperature for diving underwater. 


How to get there

Ride a boat or join a guided tour in order to get to Hidden Lagoon.


Best time to visit

It is best visited during the summer months to get the full experience.

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