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Information about Cambuhat Village

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Cambuhat Village 

Cambuhat Village in BoholThe Cambuhat Village is located in the municipality of Buenavista, Bohol. It is an eco-friendly tourism enterprise by the Cambuhat Enterprise Development & Fisheries Association (CEDFA).  It showcases the village life of the Cambuhat community and the local management of the river and mangrove areas. 

As means of their livelihood, the locals engage in fishing and farming. They are also into weaving, broom making, and basket making. The town offers an immersive eco-tour with the Cambuhat River and Village Tour. 


How to get there

Cambuhat is a small village in Buenavista, a 4th class municipality in the province of Bohol. It is situated in the northwest part of Bohol, 82 kilometers from Tagbilaran City. 

To get to Cambuhat, you can ride a boat or bus from Tagbilaran City. You may also rent a private car or join a guided tour for a more convenient village excursion.

You may also ride a small boat down the Daet River to Cambuhat Village. The boat ride is a 40-minute journey that passes through Mangroves and Nipa Trees.


Tickets and entry:

A Cambuhat River Village & Oyster Farm Tour usually costs 300 pesos per guest, but it solely depends on the tour operator. Take note there might be additional costs for lunch and recreational and cultural activities.


The best month to visit.

Cambuhat Village is available for tourists all-year-round. However, it is encouraged to visit during the summer season from April to July. The daily schedule is from Monday to Friday, from 8 AM to 5 PM.

Frequently asked questions

Is Cambuhat Village part of a tour?

Cambuhat Village is a well-known attraction in the Buenavista Eco-tourism Tour (Cambuhat River Village Tour & Oyster Farm). Besides Cambuhat Village, guests will be taken to the oyster farm to learn about oyster farming, preservation of the river, mangroves, and estuary.

What can you do at Cambuhat Village?

A trip to the Cambuhat village will get you to interact with the community and witness the locals’ skills in the weaving of saguran and mats, broom making, making of nipa thatches, and basket making. Guests will also see and learn the Buri dance, a local dance that depicts Buri making.

Are there nearby restaurants in Cambuhat Village?

There are small stalls nearby. If you join a guided tour, a lunch of oysters and other seafood are usually served by the river and mangroves.

What are some of the nearby attractions in Cambuhat Village?

The town boasts of various attractions. Aside from Cambuhat River and Village, travelers may also try island hopping and visit Cabul-an Island, Pandao Island, Sente Nenay Beach Resort, and Tumoytumoy Beach Resort.

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