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Information about Carcar City

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Carcar City

Carcar City, located in the southern part of the province of Cebu, is known as the Heritage Town of Cebu. It is best known for its buildings’ architecture as the city maintains the historical and colonial structures that were built during the Spanish and American colonial periods of the Philippines. A few of the buildings that stood the test of time are heritage houses (Balay na Tisa, Yap House, and Silva House), St. Catherine of Alexandria Church, Carcar Rotunda, and Carcar Dispensary. Balay na Tisa is one of the most notable structures here as it is considered the oldest heritage house in Carcar. 


Meanwhile, the Church of St. Catherine of Alexandria is a popular destination for tourists due to its inviting architecture. The Augustinian church displays a simple Greco-Roman rectangular facade with twin bell towers and pylons and has a minaret shape like Muslim mosques. Carcar Rotunda serves as the home of old statues on a town plaza while Carcar Dispensary Museum keeps the history of Carcar in a nutshell.


How to get there

From the Southern Bus Terminal in Cebu City, take a bus bound for either Bato or Moalboal. Get off at Carcar when either of the buses passes through the city. 


Best time to visit

Carcar City is open to tourists all year round. As it is best known for its historical structures, it is best to visit in the dry season, which is from December to May. During these months, there are fewer chances of rainfall, so you can get a better look at the buildings. 

Frequently asked questions

What else is Carcar City known for?

Carcar City is also popular for being Cebu's shoe capital due to the many footwear makers that have long resided here. They are known for their local cuisine as well. Among them is their own take on lechon (roasted pig) that involves patiotes, a local-grown herb. For dessert, their ampao (rice crispies) have also gained popularity among locals and tourists.

What festivals does Carcar City celebrate?

Carcar City holds the Kabkaban Festival every 24th and 25th of November. This event consists of ritual dances that are believed to fend off bad spirits.