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Information about Citrus Farm

Point Of Interest
Machartu Farm,- Citrus and Vegetables, Sitio, Ginaotan, Dupax Del Sur, Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines
Distance From City Center
7.1 km
Family Friendly

Citrus Farm

Nueva Vizcaya is not labelled the Citrus Capital of the Philippines for nothing. It leads as one of the top producers of citrus in the country, hence this province will not disappoint for its fresh citrus produce.

Ranging from ponkans and oranges to honey dew and pomelo, its selection of tasty citrus and oranges marketed along Barangay Busical highway will have local and foreign visitors source their Vitamin C from all kinds of citrus produce that are available.



Nueva Vizcaya becoming Region II's citrus capital began when an Ilocano started planting citrus in Malabing Valley. It was in 1966 when Alfonso Namujhe Jr. started planting the region with citrus the moment he discovered that the mountain soil and temperature are both ideal for citrus growth. Hence, he is known as the person behind the beginning of citrus agriculture in the province.


What to See

Nueva Vizcaya is considerably close to its nearby provinces such as Sagada and Isabela which are also some of the known producers of fruits. The citrus farms and orchards are mainly found in Kasibu, a town in Nueva Vicaya known for its rich citrus agriculture. As the entrance to the city of the Cagayan Valley, the oranges and citrus goods of Nueva Vizcaya have become a favourite choice for many travellers passing the national highway. This is in a so-called citrus street or “Orange Highway” in Barangay Busilac which is famous for its market of sweet and juicy fruits.

These fruits can be seen in the roadside as they are situated in a lane of stalls. Some of the popular varieties sold include pomelo, Perante orange, ponkan, the seedless Satsuma, dalandan, and many more.

The farmers in Kasibu also celebrate the annual Citrus Festival to serve as a thanksgiving for their abundant citrus production. Since the province has gained its name for producing one of the best citrus fruits in the country, be sure not to miss out in trying the citrus fruits whenever you visit Nueva Vizcaya.