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Information about Coral Garden

11 Google reviews
Tourist Attraction
Central Nautical Hwy, Carmen, Bohol, Philippines
Distance From City Center
3.2 km
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Coral Garden

Coral Garden in Bohol is a stretch of land on a formerly barren coastal area that is covered with an unusual succulent-like plant that has yet to be properly classified. The ground creeping plant is colored green when it is rainy and transforms into many hues of red-orange when the sun is out.  


Nature’s Gift After the Quake

Located in Brgy. Tangnan, Loon, Coral Garden is named as such because it is said to have sprouted on a plot of land with a coral bed. The plants started to appear after a 7.1 earthquake shook the town in 2013, causing widespread destruction and structural damage to many important centuries old churches and landmarks in the area. The earthquake was so strong that the force of its magnitude caused the area to rise by 1.2 meters, resulting in sandy, barren land. 

Not long after that, the mysterious plants quickly grew and filled every inch of the once empty coastal area. It caught everyone’s attention because of its bright autumn- like colors and sheer scale of ground that it covers. The area stretches for 8 km  within the towns of Loon and Maribujoc and includes about 1.37 square km. of coastline. It has also been declared as a geological monument by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. 

Social Media sensation

Coral Garden caught the attention of locals and tourists alike, and people started sharing stunning photographs of this natural phenomenon on their social media accounts. Today it has become a tourist destination and a magnet for photographers looking for a beautiful background for pictures.  

It has also become a source of inspiration for the townsfolk who suffered so much devastation when the earthquake struck not too long ago - proof that nature works in mysterious ways, and that unexpected beauty can emerge from ruin.