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Eusebio-villanueva House


The Eusebio Villanueva house is located on Bonifacio Drive in Iloilo, near the old provincial jail. A piece of architecture that is reminiscent of the classic filipino house or Bahay na Bato. The Mansion was Built in. The year 1928, yes, it is nearly a hundred years old. It was commissioned by its original owner, Julio Ledesma. The house has two storeys and it was built with narrative wood, concrete and iron at the lower floor. The architecture is symmetrical and from the street you can’t help but appreciate its glamour even if it is no longer in pristine condition. There is a sense of beauty that it beholds. The House has a driveway porch that is classical looking but in contrast to that the gates and perimeter wall is quite modern for the relatively “classic” house, the gate’s design is actually more of art deco, which was popular in the 20’s, the same time it was built.

According to stories the building was built by Ledesma’s Family who owed a large sum of money from a Spaniard by the name of Manuel Galalas. When their family started to prosper, they commissioned the house to Galalas in gratitude to him. But it didn’t take long for Galalas to sell the house, and the one who bought the house from Galalas was the engineer of the building, Eusebio Canto Villanueva who bought the house at a reasonable price.

It is worth the time to look back and look twice at this historic and architectural gem while it is still standing, It is definitely worth your appreciation. From the street, it might seem like it is just another rotting old building, but equipped with the history, we learn more about the history of the structure, which makes the experience more valuable.