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Information about FVR Ancestral House

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FVR Ancestral House

FVR Ancestral House is the residence of former Philippine president Fidel V. Ramos. It is here where Ramos was born and spent his childhood days together with his two sisters. The house is one of the tourist attractions in Lingayen, Pangasinan. The caretaker of the house, who serves as the tour guide as well, is a neighbor and friend of the Ramoses.

The current structure is the replica of the original ancestral house of the Ramos family. Their first home was destroyed during World War II. The one that stands today was established in 1995 by the Ramos Foundation. And it is believed that it is the exact spot of the family house of Narciso Ramos, his wife Angela Valdez, and their children Fidel, Leticia, and Gloria.


Inside the House

Upon entering the gate, a historical marker will be the first to greet the guests. The marker provides a quick insight of the Ramos family. It sits on one side of a green lawn surrounded by plants and flowers. The house itself is amidst lush greenery.

The edifice is made mostly of hardwood – the ceiling, walls, and windows; even the chairs, tables, and beds are made out of wood. Even though the original residence was destroyed, some of the family’s memorabilia have been saved and are now on display in the restored home.

One part of the house has a portrait of Fidel during his term as Philippine’s president that hangs on the wall. There are also hundreds of photographs of the Ramos children during their early years. Aside from the pictures of the siblings, there are also those of the couple, Narciso and Angela, meetings with global leaders such as the Clintons and Queen Elizabeth of London.


Nearby Attractions

Several attractions can be found around the FVR House. Some of this are the Veterans Memorial Park, Urduja House, Pangasinan Provincial Capitol, the Sison Auditorium, and the ASNA Park.