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Information about Urduja House

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Urduja House, Maniboc, Lingayen, Pangasinan, Philippines
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Urduja House

Urduja House, located in Lingayen, Pangasinan, is the official headquarters of the governor of the province. The house also serves as a ceremonial reception hall and a guesthouse for notable people who would be staying overnight. The house is a few minutes walk away from the Provincial Capitol Building.

Previously known as Urduja Palace, the structure was named after the legendary warrior princess named Urduja. It was established in 1953 as requested by Governor Juan Rodriguez so as to lessen traveling from his home town to the capitol building every day. He was the one who named the building as such.

The entire edifice was built with a Southeast Asian influence. It features Balinese architecture and design. There are exquisite wooden interiors, and most parts of the house are decorated with antique and jade ornaments.


About Princess Urduja

Princess Urduja, according to locals, is a heroine of Pangasinan. The term “Urduja” turns out to be Sanskrit in origin and a version of “Uduya” meaning “arise” or “rising sun” and “Urja” meaning “energy”, “life force”, or “breath”.

The princess is often characterized as a tall and beautiful woman with golden bronze skin and dark hair, clothed in gold and is a virtuoso in sword fighting and horseback riding. She leads the Kinalakihan (women warriors) or Amazons. She is also deemed to speak several languages, which is common to nobles in pre-colonial Southeast Asia.

Urduja is a ruler of Tawalisi Kingdom, an area along the Lingayen Gulf. When her brothers and all the men in their tribe sacrificed their lives in fighting for their agricultural communities in the Valley of Agno River, she was the one who continued the battle together with her soldiers composed of physique and skilled women.


Inside and Outside the House

In front of Urduja House is a fountain surrounded by a circular garden of green bushes, the area itself is dotted with lush greenery. Upon entering the edifice, a painting of Princess Urduja, created by artist Antonio Dumalo, will greet you. There are also different function rooms inside for meetings and other special occasions.