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Information about Isla Jardin Del Mar

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Isla Jardin Del Mar, Glan, Sarangani, Philippines
Opening Hours
05:30 - 22:00
Distance From City Center
5.6 km
Family Friendly
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Isla Jardin del Mar

Isla Jardin del Mar is the pride of the municipality of Glan in the province of Sarangani, being the only resort accredited by the Department of Tourism (DOT). It’s a recognition that makes the resort one of the most popular tourism destinations in this part of Mindanao.


Location and Surroundings

Some 4.5 kilometers away from Barangay Gumasa—where the annual summer beach festival Sarangani Bay Festival (SarBay Fest) is held—you’ll find the sandy beach of Isla Jardin del Mar. During low tide, some parts of the beach become a little bit rocky although still safe for swimming.

Isla Jardin del Mar is accessible from the national highway as well as a short access road that leads to a nearby beach in the same barangay.

Despite its accessibility, the beach of Isla Jardin del Mar provides peace and quiet. There’s a lagoon waiting to greet you upon your arrival. As you get past this, you’ll find a scenery that’s equally calm and refreshing, with soft white sand, clear blue waters, and lofty coconut trees and full-grown bushes. 

On the far ends of the shoreline, there are walkways where natural rock formations stand and where you can see a spectacular view of the Celebes Sea.


Things to See and Do in Isla Jardin del Mar

Isla Jardin del Mar offers different types of accommodations—from unostentatious open cottages to modest single or duplex rooms and more upscale suites.

The waters are very inviting and conducive for both swimming and snorkeling, although you’ll have to wear proper beach gear to protect yourself from sea urchins.

You can also experience SarBay Fest here every summer since Isla Jardin del Mar is just a few kilometers away from the event grounds. The festival, which is hailed as the biggest beach event in the southernmost part of the country, features sports competitions, parties, concerts, and other enjoyable activities to indulge tourists during the days-long event.