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Information about Itogon Hot spring

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Itogon Thirteenth Level Hot Springs, Itogon, Benguet, Philippines
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Itogon Hot Spring

Itogon Hot Spring is a natural hot spring located in the cold province of Benguet. The hot spring is collectively known as the 1300 level swimming pools, around which several small resorts were constructed: Hillside Pool, Khrieziah Pool, Pioneer Pool, Carlo Trese Pool, MJR4 Pool, and Hilltop Pool. The pools are owned and operated by the Association of Swimming Pool Owners and Livelihood of Itogon and are located alongside each other.

Each resort includes amenities like kiddie and adult pools, picnic shelters with grilling areas, hot springs, bathrooms, comfort room, and convenience stores. There are also cottages that guests can rent during their stay. The surrounding landscape is mostly lush green mountain ranges adding to the cold atmosphere in the resort.

Tickets and entry

You will have to pay a certain fee depending on which resort you will be swimming at. 

Best time to visit

As the hot spring is popular among locals and tourists alike, it is best to come here around 7 AM just when some of the resorts open so you can secure a rental cottage where you can leave your things while swimming.