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Information about Crosby Park

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Crosby Park, Itogon, Benguet, Philippines
Distance From City Center
1.9 km
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Crosby Park

Crosby Park is a six-hectare pine forest located in Itogon, Benguet. The park is situated 1,150
meters above sea level, with Baguio being at 1,500 meters, giving a panoramic view of
mountain ranges, rolling hills, deep valleys, and gorges and also a chilly atmosphere.
Surrounded by pine trees and lush vegetation, the site is ideal for picnics, leisurely walk, photo-
ops, and other nature-based activities. Apart from these, the park also offers hiking activities for
its guests.
Crosby Park is the perfect haven for meditation as well. Being far from the city noise and
pollution, the park is known for its serene and calming environment. Furthermore, the park also
doubles as a campsite. There are available cottages in the area where you can stay overnight,
or you can pitch a tent in their open grounds.
There are also kiddie obstacles dotted in the area, where the children can leisurely play. There
is a monkey bar, a wooden two-walled ramp, tires set up in two columns on the ground, and a
low rope course, to name a few.

Nearby Attractions
Just a walking distance from Crosby Park is another tourist attraction in Baguio City – the
Balatoc Mines. It was once a hub of mining activities in the city, serving as the oldest mine in the
province and in the country as a whole. In 1997, the place opened to the public and since then
offered a hands-on opportunity for guests to experience becoming a miner for a day.
Visitors will ride the underground locomotive train to the well-known Vegas Tunnel, learn about
the different phases of the gold mining process while wearing a complete mining outfit along
with safety gears.
Less than an hour away from Crosby Park is Mt. Marikit where tourists can go trekking,
camping, and mountain climbing. The mountain also houses several other attractions such as
Baloy hot springs, Adashu burial cave, and Ambasa cave.