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Information about Mandaue City

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Mandaue CityMandaue City sits in the heart of Cebu province in the Visayas region and is known as the "Little Rich City," since it hosts about 10,000 industrial and commercial properties. Along with these, the city is also home to several tourist spots, such as the Butuanon River, Cansaga Bay, and Jagobiao Spring. 

Visitors can also spend some time in the different parks in the area for some quiet time. Among the parks you can find here are the Bridge Park, the Ibabao Mandaue Agri-Eco Park, and the City Plaza Park. If you want to see the city decked out for a big celebration, make sure to drop by on May 8, as this is when they throw the Mandaue Fiesta. This fiesta is celebrated to honor the city's patron saint, St. Joseph, and features a procession, a beauty competition, street festivals, fairs, and food hubs. 

Best time to visit

It's best to visit the city in the summer months (March to May), so you can easily explore without having to worry about heavy rains.