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Information about Nacpan Beach

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Nacpan Beach, El Nido, Philippines
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Nacpan Beach

Nacpan Beach in El Nido, Palawan
Nacpan Beach is a four-kilometer strip of cream-colored sand and coconut trees with crystal clear turquoise water. It is located 17th kilometers north of El Nido town proper in Palawan. This powdery paradise was one of the secret getaways for some tourists until its beauty was discovered by many and became one of the most sought after destinations in El Nido. In 2016, it was voted as the world’s 10th best beach by users of travel rating website Trip Advisor. 

What to do

Despite its popularity, the Nacpan Beach generally has few visitors. Hence, it is ideal for those who prefer to quietly reflect and relax while being one with nature. Tourists can simply lie on the beach or settle in hammocks if they want to do some sunbathing. They can also opt to rest in Nacpan’s shady spots.

Aside from swimming, visitors can also do surfing, kayaking, and stand up paddleboard. Mask, fins, and snorkel can be rented for those who want to explore the crystal clear water. 

There are restaurants along the coast that range from affordable to expensive. There are also snacks for sale along the beach’s entrance although the selection is limited. 

Nearby tourist destinations

Nacpan is one-half of the popular twin beaches in the area—the other one is called Calitang Beach. The two beaches merge in a narrow sandbar that snakes into a lush hill, which offers an excellent view of Nacpan and Calitang. Tourists must trek to the southern portion of Nacpan to reach the hill where it meets with the smaller Calitang Beach. Calitang is also a stretch of white sand but its waves are calmer than those in Nacpan. It is a fishing village with multi-colored boats anchored along the shore. 

How to get there

Travelers can ride a tricycle, where two to three people can fit, to reach Nacpan Beach. Tricycle ride can last for an hour to 90 minutes. The more adventurous tourists can rent a motorbike or scooter in El Nido. Riding a motorbike or scooter can only take around 45 minutes. The last three kilometers to Nacpan, however, is a rough road.