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Information about Our Lady of Assumption Parish

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Our Lady of Assumption Parish, Col. Infante, Maragondon, Cavite, Philippines
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Our Lady of Assumption Parish


Also known as Dauis Church because it is located in Poblacion, Dauis town, the church is dedicated to the Nuestra Senora de Asuncion (Our Lady of the Assumption). The National Museum of the Philippines named the Shrine Parish of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and its liturgical objects a National Cultural Treasure in 2011. 

The construction of the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption came about when the town of Dauis separated from Baclayon and became an independent parish in 1697. A mix of architectural styles adorn the structure—with impressive murals, a wooden pulpit, a portico for the choir loft, twisted columns, and a painted ceiling with Renaissance art patterns serving as some of the highlights of the church. 

The church complex is a National Historical Landmark and comprises the church, convent, watchtower, and belfry. In front, the church’s bell tower, which is made of coral stones, houses the second and third oldest bells in Bohol both dated 1783. The oldest bell dated 1690 is in the town of Calape.

Another tower dating back to 1774 as the carvings indicate is located at the back of the church, from which one can see a view of the church and the coral-stone-built convent. This convent is where nuns from World War II lived in shelters.

Despite an earthquake hitting a portion of the church’s front and the portico in 2013, the church remains standing tall with renovations done by the National Historical Commission.

Legend has it that the church’s patron saint, the Virgin of the Assumption, is believed to possess miraculous powers. According to the townspeople, Dauis was once invaded by pirates, so they locked themselves inside the church. The time came that they ran out of food supplies, and then they saw that a well had appeared at the foot of the altar. The water from the well is said to be able to heal the sick.


How to get there

The church of Our Lady of the Assumption is about three kilometers away from Tagbilaran City. From Bohol International Airport or Tagbilaran Pier, ride a tricycle or taxi and tell the driver to take you to Dauis, Bohol. Once there, ride a tricycle again or walk to Our Lady of Assumption Parish.


Best time to visit

This religious site is open to the public daily.